Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review “Crucifixed” — Revenge Is a Gold Crucifix

If there had been an alternate episode for ‘Crucifixed’ it surely would have been Everything Turns to Shit. That seemed to be the theme of this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, wherein everything really did turn to shit.

I don’t even know where to begin. The episode was big tangle of everyone lying (or lying by omission) to everyone else: Jax, Chibs and Bobby to the club; Jax to Chibs and Bobby; possibly Jax to Juice (is he really giving him a way out?); everyone to Clay; Tara to Gemma; the club to the Grim Bastards; and as we’ll probably see soon, Romeo/the feds to Jax. I’ve probably missed something out there. It was hard to keep up.

This is the hardest episode of Sons of Anarchy that I’ve ever tried to review. So much happened and yet most of it felt like a big push to further storylines with minimal effort. Rather than one or two major situations to deal with, there was instead a whole bunch of smaller half-finished ones. Most of these will have big repercussions further down the line, but do we really want them to?

Take avenging Opie’s death, for example. Necessary? Yes, but after having seen the prison guard punished a few weeks ago, we could have waited for this. The only really good bit of this storyline was a blood-spattered Chibs looking badass — and even that was marred by the realisation that SAMCRO’s amiable relationship with the Grim Bastards may have come to an end. That’s right, yet more people may be out for the Sons blood.

Speaking of blood, the bloodiest scene of the episode was where everything really did turn to shit. Tara visited Otto yet again and finally got him to agree to withdraw his RICO statement. Rather than doing so in a prosaic way, perhaps by saying that he lied in the statement, Otto pulled one of the best acts of revenge on SOA to date: he had Tara give him a makeshift weapon (a crucifix, hence the title) and then murdered one of his nurses. The result? RICO can’t use his statement to hurt the club, but Tara is potentially going to be viewed as an accessory to murder. Nice move, Otto, nice move.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode. The RICO case potentially being dropped gives the first steps towards SAMCRO getting out of some of the mess that it’s fallen into, but I’m still not sure how the club will make it to the end of season 5 intact. The outside threats may be changing — if not diminishing — but there are huge cracks forming inside the club itself; with both Tig and Juice now forced to side with Jax, his hold on the club is growing in a worryingly dictatorial fashion.

It’ll be interesting to see how everything progresses next week. I just hope it focuses on a few select storylines rather than being something of a plot ‘info dump’ like this week’s episode was.

What did you think of ‘Crucifixed’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Mike T.

    Kudos Candice!, it was definitely a hard one to write about, but dang did you do an awesome job of reviewing it. Loved it!, Now with the episode, not much more to say than Ms Grace already expertly put it. It will be one hell of a finish, I can say that much. Can’t wait til next week.