Some Girls (BBC3) Series 1 Episode 2 Review

Some Girls Episode 2

Now that we’ve been introduced to Viva, Holli, Saz and Amber, BBC3’s Some Girls has the difficult job of keeping us interested in their lives. Admittedly, this second episode doesn’t deviate much from the first in terms of story but, for the same reasons, this means it could hold on to those taken with the premiere episode last week.

People have been calling the show the female version of The Inbetweeners, and it’s not a bad summation. Whenever Amber starts to become irritating, for example, I just think of how fond I am of that series’ Neil, playing the fool in a group of four 17-year-olds stuck in a stifling environment. The rest of the girls don’t really fit into the same mold as Simon, Will and Jay, but the comment still has legs. Are we more accepting of four boys having (or, at least, trying to have) underage sex, drinking, and having no ambition, than we are of girls in the same situation? Reaction to Some Girls in relation to its portrayal of British youth certainly seems to suggest as much.

I have much less of a problem with criticisms of the show’s writing and acting, which still need some work based on the second episode. This week Amber has moved on from bad-boy Brandon with new boy Ryan, who may or may not be a member of the Russian Mafia. He definitely has a secret, and it’s not until Viva gains access to the school records that they find out he once had an affair with his teacher. Unable to stomach an attraction to ‘old ladies’, but being too dim to carry through on anything, most of the episode sees Amber trying and failing to end things with her creepy new beau.

Holli’s troubles are based at home, as she steals the school hamster to give to her brother on his birthday. In order to keep it a secret, she gives it to Viva to take care of, but the furry creature predictably meets a sticky end on the way. I loved how Viva’s voice-over conveyed how Holli needs to be mothered, despite acting as a surrogate mother for her four siblings, as it lends a brutal yet humanizing element to the character. She’s like Shameless’ Fiona Gallagher but, by keeping her on the sidelines, we get to look in on her life periodically. We also meet Mel in this episode, a former goalkeeper who now boasts being able to change a nappy and roll a spliff at the same time.

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