Parenthood Season 4 Review “Together”

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 7 Together (3)
After an election-induced break that felt way too long, Parenthood finally returned to NBC this week.

Always good for story lines with a touch of reality, we saw a well-intentioned Camille bring more stress than help to Kristina. As Kristina’s cancer story line has progressed, I had not given much thought to the fact that we’ve only seen her in-laws rallying around her as she endures this difficult time in her life. It was crushing to learn that Kristina’s mother elected not to come be by her daughter’s side during this difficult time. If I was diagnosed with cancer, it would probably take a court order and act of God to get my mother to leave – after she rushed to see me, probably forgetting to even pack. It was interesting to learn that Camille did not always approve of Kristina. And hey, it was just good to see Camille getting to do more than play a bit character. It’s been quite sometime since she’s gotten this much screen time in an episode.

Adam, meanwhile, continued to channel his stress into work and into nitpicking his favorite target – Crosby. I was so relieved when Adam finally opened up to his brother about his fears. At least one potential human powder keg was diffused. I loved Adam’s genuine display of shock when Crosby offered to pick up the tab. Way to disarm him, Crosby! Likewise, it was nice to see Kristina and Max find a common ground for dealing with their respective fears about her cancer prognosis. I can’t think of anything that ice cream and arcade games couldn’t make a little better.

Joel and Julia continued in their effort to fully integrate Victor into their family and into his new life by inviting over an old friend, Miguel. It’s hard not to gush at the scenes in which Victor looks genuinely happy in his new surroundings. Kristina waiting all day for Victor in the car, Joel opening him up to baseball and this week’s play date with Miguel have created really great moments for the newest addition to the Braverman clan. For now, Julia seems content with her decision to leave behind the unnecessary fire drills at the law firm in exchange for picking up a little Spanish to deepen her bond with Victor.

On to Sarah, well her kids at least . . .

Amber and Ryan enjoyed a miniature golf date that landed them in bed together. So much for taking things slowly. Unfortunately for Amber, it wouldn’t be a budding relationship for her if there was no drama on the horizon. Ryan understandably struggles with deep feelings of guilt since returning from Afghanistan. PTSD-related issues aside, Ryan is the first guy in a long time who seems genuinely interested in Amber. Hopefully they’ll help each other as he deals with his trauma and she learns how to trust and date without expecting impending doom. I’m rooting for this pair.

Meanwhile, Drew used his aunt’s cancer diagnosis and new living arrangement to shamelessly get a little sympathy sex from his ex. I’m not as optimistic about this pair.

The stellar fourth season of Parenthood did not disappoint this week. What did you think? Sound off below!