Happy Endings Season 3 Review “Boys II Menorah”

Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 3 Boys II Menorah (5)

After a week’s break to take in the election, Happy Endings is thankfully back on our screens. In ‘Boys II Menorah’, with two thirds of the gang now happily coupled up, we get to see Alex and Dave navigate their new/old relationship while fan favorites Brad and Jane spend the episode apart.

The inspiration for the titular gag is Max’s new job no one knew existed – a barmitzvah MC. A brief clip shows us how Max has built an entire career out of doing such jobs, once acting as a professional funeral attendee and now hyping up a hall full of 13-year-olds. Soon, because Damon Wayans Jr moves like no one else, Brad joins him to form MC crew ‘Boys to Menorah’. There’s a whiff of Ross and Monica’s New Year Eve dance to the whole thing, and their double-act, which we had a taste of in the week prior, is pretty hilarious. Wayans Jr is amazing at physical comedy, and it was great to see Happy Endings show him off again.

Meanwhile, Alex and Dave are falling into old habits now that they’re living together again, and a dismayed Jane catches them high-fiving over bowel movements. I’m still not sure how I feel about this new couple, since we never saw their first romance, and they might be my two least favorite characters of the group. Having them together doesn’t help any, and I’d much rather them be integrated back into the group from next week. Have they abandoned the Penny/Dave romance now? Probably not, as I guess they’re just taking their time reintroducing us to the central on again, off again couple.

With Jane recruited to help spice things up for her sister and friend, and Brad joining Max in his new business, Penny takes a bit of a backseat this week. I have to say I missed her, since any episode with less Penny is an episode with less fun, but she did get a few laughs while unwittingly attracting a string of young barmitzvah boys. We heard that Penny would be getting a proper boyfriend this year, so I’m wondering when he will make an appearance.

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