666 Park Avenue Season 1 “Downward Spiral” Review

666 Park Avenue Episode 7 Downward Spiral (3)

Henry’s political career continues to grown on 666 Park Avenue as “Downward Spiral” opens with him being honored by the mayor at City Hall. Henry is given the Bronze Medal for bravery since he stopped the mass murder at The Drake.

And now we have a dilemma. Henry wants to stay at The Drake since he has plenty of opportunity for advancement there, and with the help of Gavin (who has major influence over just about everyone in New York) doors are opening all over for Henry. However, Jane is spiraling downward (hence the episode title) in a bad way. She wants to leave The Drake and return to Indiana. Her depression is a source of contention for Henry who discusses it with Gavin.

Gavin tells Henry to stay at The Drake, but to marry Jane. His advice mimics the words that Olivia told Jane when the younger woman confided in her about wanting to return to Indiana. Both Olivia and Gavin try to convince their charges that staying in New York and at The Drake is the best thing for both of them… but Jane turns in her resignation despite what Olivia says.

Meanwhile, Henry talks to Olivia and searches out an engagement ring for Jane, but still struggles with if marrying Jane is the best decision at the moment. Jane is just a titch unstable, and when she and Nona discover a picture of a young Jane from 1992 (That would make her 8 years old) at The Drake, it opens a slew of questions since Jane has no recollection of ever being at the building.

After some scurrying around the basement and finding an amulet that looks identical to the one that ghost girl wears when she appears to Jane in her visions, Jane find a fit for the amulet in the floor of The Drake and wham-o! The floor opens up to reveal a staircase that Jane decides to investigate.

Where has Jane gone? Where does the staircase lead? What the hell is going on? While 666 Park Avenue inspires thoughts of The Shining and elements of Lost, I have to say that it stands on its own really well. The bad thing is we have to wait until November 25th to see what’s going on at The Drake, since 666 Park Avenue doesn’t return until then.