How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Review “Splitsville”

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 6 Splitsville (2)

This week’s How I Met Your Mother showed us how Robin and Nick became the final casualty of The Autumn of Breakups in “Splitsville.” We had seen little bits of Nick’s personality during his time with Robin and we knew that he was an overly sensitive chef on the hunt for a catch phrase, but compared to some of Robin’s previous boyfriends, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time developing her relationship with Nick before the breakup.

I suppose that’s why it seemed OK to suddenly reveal that Nick was, as Lily put it, “hot as lava, and just as thick.” After a groin injury put a temporary stop to Nick and Robin’s sex life, Robin finally realized that she couldn’t date someone as dumb as Nick. Nick turned out to be really, really, dumb, and while I’m a little surprised that this aspect of his character never popped up on How I Met Your Mother before this, it wasn’t so outrageous that I didn’t buy it.

The trope of having one partner be too dumb to realize they’re being broken up with was predictable, but Nick’s stupidity did end up playing perfectly into Marshall’s basketball team story line. The best Nick-is-dumb gags were the ones where Marshall was anxious to keep Nick around while Nick was desperate to please “Coach Eriksen.”

I was thrilled to see the return of one of How I Met Your Mother‘s classic gags – the website countdown. This time, Barney had set up a countdown to “Robin and Patrice’s BFF Fun Day” which was probably the most hilarious threat that Barney could have come up with to get Robin to do what she needed to do (outside of uncovering another Robin Sparkles video.) The montage of Robin and Patrice’s BFF Fun Day was hysterical and I’m kind of glad that Barney forgot to turn off the invitation after helping Robin break up with Nick, because the look on Patrice’s face in that last photo was worth it.

I wasn’t at all invested in the success of Nick and Robin’s relationship, so I wasn’t all that interested in their break up. Still, Barney’s so-called “fake” romantic speech made their break up meaningful. I held my breath as Barney delivered his “Robin and I are in love” speech and as much as he claimed it was an act of “bro-ing” Robin out of a bad relationship, we already know that Barney lies to himself more than he lies to anyone else.

This might have been the best episode of How I Met Your Mother so far this season. Even Ted’s dorky T-Squares basketball team, and Lily’s incredibly awkward sex talk gag had moments of successful comedy. The characters have now dumped their insignificant others and since we’re back to the core group, I’m hoping that means we can get back to their usual stupid antics while actually developing the season’s story arc.