Go On Season 1 Review “Videogame, Set, Match”

Go On (NBC) Episode 8 Videogame, Set, Match

Through seven episodes, Go On has established Ryan King’s relationship to his grief counselling group to be symbiotic. Ryan finds increasingly quirky, and often misguided, ways to assist a group member while people in the group conspire to get to the “real” Ryan King. Sometimes the formula worked, other times it felt a bit clunky, but the show never endeavored for Ryan to have a meaningful relationship with any of these people. To be fair to Ryan King, it is virtually impossible to be friends with any of these weirdos. Their neuroses don’t exactly scream accessibility.

Still, through all of the group’s nonsense, the seeds of a potential Ryan-Owen friendship could not be ignored. Back in the pilot, Owen talking about his brother to Ryan was a huge step in Owen’s process. Finally, after high-concept storylines such as “the cat lady is weird,” the show decided to dive into the relationship that has a chance to be the show’s richest. There is enough commonality between the two that you could imagine a real friendship blossoming from their shared love of Halo and distaste for talking about their feelings.

In his criminally limited screen time this season, Tyler James Williams has been consistently fabulous. Sometimes it is as simple as a clever one-liner, but it’s clear that the writers want to make sure that we don’t forget about Owen. Fortunately for them, Williams always makes the most of the material that he’s given. Sure, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to the play the quiet type, but Tyler James Williams can convey his character’s true feelings through a look in his eyes of a subtle shift in body language. In a world filled with big, broad crazy people. Owen’s understated addition to the group grounds the group in a place somewhat closer to reality while Williams and Matthew Perry share a visible on screen chemistry. It was great work by both men in a season that will offer us only rare glimpses into this relationship. Much like an all-night run on Halo, watching these two men work together provides a most welcome diversion.

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