2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Candy Manwich”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 6 And The Candy Manwich (4)

Our “2 Broke Girls” hit one of out the park this week, with the latest episode “And the Candy Manwich,” which introduced a new potential love interest for Caroline. Normally, when shows introduce new characters for known characters to date, things can go sideways more often than not. (We won’t even get into the situation with Max & the hipster guy last season- the less said, the better.)

Not so here, thankfully. Explaining the odd title, Ryan Hansen played “Candy Andy,” a hunky shopkeeper across the way from a soup kitchen Max frequents for a quick meal. Both girls are interested, but Caroline calls dibs and she’s due. Even more so than perhaps we might have thought, as we see later on!

Anyway, Andy is another victim of the economy fallout and decided to take his fate into his own hands by realizing his dream to own a candy shop. Yes, it’s crazy, especially in this financial climate, but it was also endearing- and reminiscent of Max & Caroline’s own dreams. Needless to say, it also lent itself to (good and) plenty of candy-related jokes.

I thought Hansen was a good add. I’m as straight as they come, but between the promise of eternal candy and the clever quips, I was about ready to go home with him myself. It was even more surprising when I realized why he looked familiar: he played a rich douche on the late, great “Veronica Mars.” I actually hated him on that show, so it just goes to show you what a good character can do for an actor, for better or for worse.

“Candy” was packed to the gills with good jokes this time out, making up for some of the more dubious episodes this season. Sure, some of them were easy, but boy, they came much more fast and furious and effortlessly this week- and they didn’t even have to involve a puppet. (Wassup, Justin Beaver?!!)

Here are some faves, but there were plenty more where this came from.
Caroline: Does anyone know how to make Sex on the Beach?
Oleg: Easy. I put on my Speedo and wait.

Caroline (on seeing a group of girl laughing wildly after some time has passed): Still? What, are they sitting on vibrators?

Caroline (on what will be served at the eatery that Max has picked out): Do you think the chef will send an amuse-bouche to the table?
Max: No, but this morning, I shaved a smiley face into my bouche and it’s very amusing!
(I don’t know about you, but I got a hilarious visual on that one. Maybe Max will start a trend…that’d I’d like to see! Move over, vajazzling…)

Nun (at the soup kitchen): What do I recommend? Don’t share needles and use condoms.
Caroline: Are nuns allowed to be sarcastic?
Max: If so, I’ve got some serious thinking to do about my future.

My fave bad candy joke, appropriately made by Candy Andy: The Oompa-Loompas were expensive, but what are you gonna doopty-doo? (I also liked the visual of a GI Joe selling Sweet Tarts- my fave candy, BTW- to a Transformer. The call-back joke with Oleg ringing the bell- “Hey! He stole my bit!”- was funny, too.)

And a few select more…

Caroline: Max, I feel weird.
Max: Relax- it’s just your lady parts, waking from hibernation.

Max, after Caroline pukes in front of Andy: It’s good to let him know right off the bat that you have a gag reflex. (WOW- how did that one make it past the censors? I was still in awe of the amuse-bouche joke…)

Max, apologizing for walking in on Caroline masturbating (!): I’m sorry! I thought you’d be home feeling bad for yourself…not feeling your bad self!
(Max’s call-back jokes for this were also priceless- loved the spritzer gag- and “Look, he’s already seen you at your worst- you vomited and masturbated- that’s your full range!” LOL.)

Funny, funny stuff- and risqué! I can’t believe I’m surprised, but “2 Broke Girls” is the raunchy gift that just keeps on giving. “And the Candy Manwich” was definitely one for the vaults.

What did you think? Should Candy Andy stick around? Would he have been a better match with Max? Are you going to try and talk your girlfriend into doing strange things with a shaver at some point? (I for one, can’t wait- now if only I had a girlfriend…volunteers?)
Let me know in the comments!