The Mob Doctor Season 1 “Complications” Review – Grace, Moretti, Franco and an Abandoned Factory

There are stakes coming into play on this episode of The Mob Doctor, aptly called “Complications.” Things do, indeed, get complicated, when Grace is kidnapped by Moretti and…Franco!

Keep in mind that while there were really great tension-filled moments, that, by no means, makes this a great episode. In fact, this episode showed just what could make the series better–more Moretti, less romance, and more gunslinging (this is a mob show, after all). I will say the Case of the Week was very House-esque in how crazy and mysterious it was, and I would say the show could use more of those kinds of cases, but that statement would only make sense if this show was strictly about medicine. Let me quit yammering and actually get into the summary.

Firstly, let me just get the Case of the Week out of the way. As I said above, it was really good. A woman, Casey Lambert, is rushed to the hospital, suffering from hypothermia–she was run over by a man while swimming. The paramedics have been working on her for 30 minutes without a pulse. 30 minutes is quite a long time to work on someone without them showing any signs of life, so I’m at a loss as to why the paramedics worked on her for so long. At the time of writing this, I contemplated calling up my dad, Chief Jones (you might know him from the Chicago Fire reviews) to answer the question as to whether working on someone for 30 minutes is beginning to get into “wasted time on a lost patient” territory, but I’m going to venture that I don’t have to call him to know the answer to this one. From what I’ve learned about medicine, working on someone for 30 minutes is absurd. If they don’t respond quickly (and barring a miracle), a surgery isn’t going to bring them back.

Anyway, somehow the emergeny incisions Brett and the crew make save Casey. The man who ran her over is a nervous wreck and tells Grace about the incident. When she and Brett relay the incident back to Casey, she insists that she wouldn’t have been swimming–she hasn’t swam since she was 15 years old. She hates swimming, she says.

Things get even crazier once Grace turns up missing. Brett and Dr. White save Casey from respiratory arrest and, as they work to find out what is going on with Casey’s lungs, they make a startling (and disgusting) discovery–she has tapeworms! How’d she get them–from her beloved dog, Barkley. She does everything with the dog, so she got the tapeworm eggs from him, possibly when he licked her at some point. So what’s the cause of her swimming? an egg sac that’s positioned itself right on her parietal lobe. Surgery is necessary to get the egg sac out of her brain, and (with a little bit of touch-and-go moments), the sac is successfully pulled out and Casey is saved.

Grace’s career might not be saved since she her presentation time. Earlier in the show, we see Grace preparing for her presentation that will happen alongside Brett and Olivia’s presentations. However, thanks to Franco working both sides, he helps get Grace captured according to Moretti’s orders. Moretti is the only really threatening “loose cannon” mobster in this show, and the show is better for his presence. When he says he’s going to kill your family, you believe it, especially since we’ve seen it happen already.

Grace is threatened with her family getting killed if she doesn’t help Moretti get Constantine to their undisclosed position (a place that looks like some sort of abandoned factory) so he can kill him. What happens next is something that makes the show drag. There’s a lot of downtime–Constantine’s presence is scheduled at 4 p.m. that day. Until then, Grace tells Franco how betrayed she is. She simultaneously tries fake Franco out by cuddling up to him while trying to call someone on her phone, but that doesn’t work–it only makes him mad.

It’s actually a little hard to say what actually happens after this, but Constantine, aware that something fishy is going on, brings his men (and newly minted mobster Nate) to the scene. Grace gets shot in her leg by Moretti as she tries to escape, so once she gets a hiding place, she performs a bit of surgery on herself. By sterilizing some pliers with old gasoline, she pulls the bullet out of her leg, makes a tourniquet out of her sweater and runs to some abandoned shed which happens to have a working phone. She calls Constantine and Nate, a small shootout/skirmish happens, but no one is killed. What does propel the story forward is Constantine seeing Franco on the other side. Now that Grace has been led astray by Franco, someone he thought was his right-hand man, Constantine swears that Franco and Moretti’s days are numbered.

Oh, and I forgot to say–Olivia is making it plain that Brett needs to wake up about Grace. He’s already trying to get wise to Grace’s odd scheduling and the odd appearances of Franco, but now, the writing on the wall is finally being illuminated for Brett.

I’ll say one thing that was interesting–there was a neat callback to last week’s episode. Olivia’s presentation is on the two brothers with the odd hereditary muscle cramping problem.

This review is officially over! Come back next week to see what happens to Grace and her mobster friends!