The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Habitation Configuration” – Fun with Wil Wheaton

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 7 The Habitation Configuration (7)
Two of my favorite things returned in “The Habitation Configuration,” this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory: Fun with Flags and Wil Wheaton. Not only were they both present, they were combined, as Sheldon somehow managed to get Wheaton to guest-host a special edition of his web series that presented the flags of Star Trek. It was just too bad Amy had to ruin the fun.

I’m usually in Amy’s camp, but this week I just wanted her to leave Wil Wheaton alone and let him talk about Federation flags! I’m not sure exactly what her problem with Wheaton was…other than she hadn’t seen enough Next Gen…but it prompted her to be massively rude and even downright condescending to him while recording the session. I understood him getting annoyed; he’s an American geek icon and he was being told how to deliver lines on a web series about flags that he only came on as a favor to a guy who used to hate him!

Of course, when Sheldon took Wheaton’s side, Amy proved just how much of a girl she’s become after hanging out with Penny and Bernadette and got upset that her boyfriend hadn’t immediately sided with her against the Evil Wheaton who really wasn’t being so evil. This prompted a lot of soul searching from Sheldon as he downed the Long Island Iced Teas that Penny hilariously tricked him into drinking.

Who else was stunned when Sheldon admitted that he was scared Amy would leave him? Who was even more stunned when he admitted that he might be difficult to be with? Sheldon…acting like a human!?! Was it just the alcohol or is Amy really starting to change him? Oh, I hope so. Because nothing else much is changing on this show.

And, yes, I’m looking at you, Howard. After realizing he would lose Bernadette if he didn’t actually, really, truly, officially move out of his mother’s house, Howard bit the bullett and packed up his stuff. But all it took was one sappy story about him helping his mother through her loneliness after his father left them for Bernadette to make the command decision that he couldn’t move out and leave his mother behind. Um…yes, it was funny, but it rang totally untrue for her character. She’s been trying to get Howard to grow up for years. All of a sudden, she had him there, making the leap…and she just let him backslide?!

So, I was frustrated with the girls this week, and I really just wanted to hear Wil Wheaton talk more about Star Trek. At least I got another Trek cameo with LeVar Burton’s appearance. That appeased me somewhat.

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