NBC Orders Five Additional Scripts Of ‘Whitney’

Whitney (NBC) Something Black, Something Blue Episode 22 (6)

After having season 2’s premiere date pushed from October 19th to November 14th, amid disappointed fans, Whitney appears to be moving ahead – this time with more good news from the NBC Network. Set to premiere this coming week on its new night and time, Wednesday at 8pm, Deadline has now divulged that the Whitney Cummings comedy vehicle has not only been bumped into a better timeslot but has also received a five script pick-up.

This latest news comes after a shaky ride for the show. Initially NBC held the series back, focusing in on their new fall shows for the network. After the cancellation of ‘Animal Practice’ however, things have begun to fall into place for ‘Whitney’ and the cast that includes actors Chris D’Elia (Glory Daze), Rhea Seehorn (Franklin & Bash), Zoe Lister Jones (The Other Guys), Maulik Pancholy (Phineas and Ferb) and Dan O’Brien (Being Bin Laden).

For the unknown, ‘Whitney’ centers on the determined to stay unmarried comedienne Whitney Cummings and her boyfriend Alex, played by Chris D’Elia. Scared to fall into the rut of a mundane marriage, the series chronicles Whitney’s funny antics as well as those of her entertaining friends.

What do you say ‘Whitney’ fans? Sound off on the five script pick-up below.

  • hootenanny

    Whitney is so awful it’s offensive. I don’t understand Bob Greenblatt’s decision to keep this on the air. Abysmal dialogue, cringe-worthy acting and unlikeable characters do not equal a successful sitcom. Do the math NBC.