[TV MOVIE] The Christmas Consultant (Lifetime) Starring David Hasselhoff & Caroline Rhea

The Christmas Consultant (Lifetime)

Tonight’s TV Movie The Christmas Consultant premieres Saturday November 10 (8pm ET/PT) on Lifetime and stars David Hasselhoff & Caroline Rhea.

The Christmas Consultant Synopsis: Christmas is just around the corner but suburban workaholics Maya Fletcher and her husband Jack are too busy to get into the holiday spirit. As their Christmas to do list grows and deadlines fast approach, holiday spirit is at an all time low. Maya forgets she promised to host a Christmas Eve party for her and Jack’s whole family. In an effort to impress a potential new client, Maya has also invited him to spend the holidays with the family.

With Christmas only 10 days away, Jack encourages Maya to hire a specialist to help with the planning. Enter one Owen (David Hasselhoff), the most sought-after Christmas consultant in town. Luckily for them, he recently had a cancellation so the Fletcher’s hire him. Decorating the house, family caroling and planning a family Christmas pageant are all part of Owen’s scheme to make this a magical Christmas for the Fletchers. Slowly he wins over the entire family except for Maya, the supermom who just wants to be able to do it all. She desperately wants to satisfy her boss and land a million dollar perfume account all without missing the Christmas family fun.

The Fletcher’s perfect Christmas does not go as anticipated. Can Owen help Maya realize that above all else, having the family together is more important than being a supermom? With Owen’s help and a little Christmas magic, the Fletchers are in for a Christmas that none of them will ever forget.

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