Merlin Season 5 Episode 6 “The Dark Tower”

Merlin Season 5 Episode 6 The Dark Tower

Merlin “The Dark Tower” Season 5 Episode 6 airs Saturday November 10 2012 at 8:05pm on BBC One.

Episode Synopsis: When Gwen is snatched from Camelot without warning, Merlin knows there can be only one person responsible: Morgana. Arthur is determined to rescue his queen, but it will not be easy; she is locked in the Dark Tower, a place that haunts the dreams of men…

Arthur and his knights must embark on a quest like no other, battling through a landscape riddled with hidden dangers, perilous obstacles and magical beings. As they near their goal, Merlin’s sense of dread reaches breaking point. What twisted game is Morgana playing? And more importantly, just what is the final test that awaits them in the tower?

Show Summmary: For a young wizard like Merlin, survival in a kingdom where magic is banned is no mean feat. Not when you are Prince Arthur’s servant and have to protect the city of Camelot from terrifying enemies.

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  • Milliesmart

    i can’t believe the ending!!!!

    devastated, just devastated. :'(

    • Tracia

       likewise. i really liked the show a lot and couldn’t wait for series five. and the first four episodes were actually rather nicely done too, but since the last episode i was beginning to have doubts and now after this ending…

      i’m wondering whether i should keep watching at all. one the one hand i’m somehow curious how they will continue this all, but on the other hand i’m worried that those strange and illogical twists are getting worse

      • Waglee

        I think gwens still in the tower and they have returned with a shade
        Either that or it’s the hostage allying with captor syndrome can’t remember the name of it

        • Waglee

          Stockholm syndrome
          Hot there in the end!