Haven Season 3 Review “Magic Hour (Part 2)”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Haven, has the best recaps of any series I watch. “Magic Hour (Part 2)” started off with a handy recap of last week’s episode that made it easy to jump right into the second half of this story line even if you had missed the crazy cliffhanger last week. Even if I remember exactly what happened in the week before, these recaps really help to get the emotional setting into place especially when we’re talking about opening a scene with everyone standing around Nathan’s dead body.

Nathan spent most of this episode as a limp body. I think that most of us anticipated that Noelle and/or Moira would play an important role in bringing Nathan back from the dead, but I didn’t expect that Audrey and Duke would find Noelle and Moira right away only to have them not be able to help Nathan until the very end of the episode.

Going into this episode, I had convinced myself that there was no way that Haven would kill off Nathan, but the way the second half of this story progressed, I was constantly doubting my conviction. There was a whole new level of suspense tied to the permanence of Nathan’s death since Noelle was out and Moira wasn’t Troubled. I had never seen Audrey attempt to forcibly activate a Trouble before and Moira’s character presented a challenge to Audrey’s plan.

I enjoyed seeing Jordan, Duke, and Audrey putting their issues aside and working together to save Nathan. If there was any doubt about Jordan’s feelings for Nathan, we saw how genuinely concerned she was for his life and his safety. I could have pictured Jordan protesting Audrey’s plan to use Noelle and Moira saying that it was some kind of abuse of the Troubled, but Jordan didn’t hesitate to get on board with Audrey if it meant it would save Nathan.

A lot of the real meaty drama followed Tommy as he managed to repeatedly escape Duke, Audrey, and later, Nathan. Duke’s fight with Tommy confirmed one of my suspicions that Tommy was a Troubled person himself. When Duke confronted him, Tommy revealed that while he didn’t like the name “Bolt-Gun Killer” he was the man responsible.

Led to their fishing shack by their own investigation, Vince and Dave also found themselves on bad terms with Tommy. While I felt terrible seeing Vince and Dave abused like that, this might have been my favorite scene of the night. Although they didn’t know why Tommy knew so much about Haven, it really felt like there were three people in that room that knew how Haven really operated. Vince and Dave’s sinister sides came out and I got a chill up my spine when Vince said to Tommy, “I’m really going to enjoy killing you” and Dave responded “No, I think it’s my turn.” Most of the time, these two run around town seeming like relatively harmless meddling old guys, but there are little moments just like this one sprinkled throughout the entire series that hint at a much darker version of Vince and Dave than we normally get to see.

Tommy asked some very specific questions about”The Barn” which has been a long running mystery on Haven. Vince and Dave made it clear that The Barn only “comes for her” and that there was no way Tommy would be able to find it for himself. After Vince apologized to Audrey for keeping her in the dark for so long, he caught a glimpse of The Barn in the distance, and muttered that “everything is just how it’s supposed to be.”

We’re led to believe that Tommy died in that fiery boat explosion, but I don’t think that’s the last we’ll hear of “Tommy” or the Bolt-Gun Killer on Haven. Tommy was Troubled, but we never found out what his Trouble was. He could be a shape-shifter, cause hallucinations, or have any other number of Troubles that would have helped him fake his death while putting some distance between himself and Audrey’s investigation. Whatever the case, Tommy holds the answers to too many important questions to have it all end so abruptly. With Audrey’s scheduled disappearance quickly approaching, I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we get those answers and find out why Tommy was so anxious to find out about The Colorado Kid and The Barn.