Syfy’s Latest ‘Defiance’ Trailer Showcases A Futuristic Resistance Movement [Video]

Defiance (Syfy)

Syfy’s upcoming multiplatform series Defiance isn’t set to premiere until April, but the resistance-heavy new trailer suggests the sci-fi drama will be worth the wait. With its invading aliens, colonization themes and fierce resistance movement, Defiance is reminiscent of Syfy’s most iconic series, Battlestar Galactica, in all of the best ways.

The latest trailer (which you can watch below) focuses on Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his companion Irisa’s (Stephanie Leonidas) arrival in the border town of Defiance (previously known as St. Louis), and the moral dilemma they face once they realize there’s an army heading straight for the town. It’s heavy on the action, but the trailer also sums up the premise of the series and gives us a good idea of the way this world has affected Nolan, who remembers Earth as it was, and Irisa, who was born after the conflict.

In addition to Bowler and Leonidas, the series also stars Julia Benz (Dexter), Jaime Murray (Warehouse 13), Tony Curran (The League of Extraordinary Gentleman), Graham Greene (Northern Exposure) and Mia Kirshner (24).

Defiance premieres April 2013 on Syfy.