Katie Cassidy – A Superhero In The Making

Arrow Episode 5 Damaged (12)

It isn’t everyday that I get drawn into a television show, but when I do, I stay committed. My latest devotion is to a certain program about an emerald archer that seems to be making positive waves on The CW. I’ll be the first person to admit that I am not a big CW fan. In fact, the last time I watched the network was when Pluto was still considered to be a planet. However, it seems they’ve finally garnered my attention again with Arrow and a supporting cast member that many consider CW royalty.

After appearing in a string of other shows on the network, Katie Cassidy is making quite a damn splash as Green Arrow’s resident love interest — and I couldn’t be happier. As Dinah Laurel Lance, whom comic book nerds (such as myself) may recognize as the alter ego of the alluring Black Canary, Cassidy manages to add a bit more intrigue and depth to a show that is actually already filled with so much. But what is it about Cassidy that makes her such a perfect fit as Laurel? Is it because she’s a formidable actress? Perhaps it’s her gorgeous looks. Or maybe it’s the solid chemistry she seems to have with the program’s leading man, Stephen Amell.

If you ask me, I think the answer is all of the above. I mean, let’s keep it real — Cassidy is gorgeous, and good looks are a requirement to be on a CW show. Nowadays being pretty is all it really takes to be an actress. It’s reassuring to know that this one actually has aptitude. Stephen Amell’s take on Oliver Queen is nice, but, well, he wasn’t hired for his acting skills. I think his abs earned him the gig. Cassidy, on the other hand, really knows how to deliver a line — and a sucker punch for that matter. Did anyone catch the October 24 episode where she saved Oliver and Tommy from an angry club owner? Watching her deliver several jabs to the dude’s torso did something to me. It was at that moment that I realized that I was in love.

And why wouldn’t I be?

Black Canary is known as one of the most glamorous superheroes in the DC Comics arsenal — even more so than my home-girl Wonder Woman whom I still think deserves her own damn TV show. You know, it would have been easy for the writers of Arrow to make Laurel a supermodel or even worse — a cliché in the form of a journalist a la Lois Lane, but I give them their props for turning her into a savvy attorney. I think it’s genius. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing Cassidy don the signature fishnet stockings of her comic book counterpart to become the Black Canary of the Arrow world. The question is whether or not she could pull it off.

I’d like to think so. Nevertheless, I don’t believe I’d want to see her as Black Canary just yet — at least not this season. On the contrary, I’m enjoying seeing Green Arrow operate by himself. On the other hand, having Laurel around certainly helps, and having Cassidy on board lends the show a bit of credibility. The girl’s got skills, and on a show as captivating as this, it’s nice to know her aim is true.

  • Lena120

    I believe The CW’s planning a Wonder Woman TV show, it’s called Amazon. Also, in last night’s episode Laurel made a reference to her Black Canary costume. When she was talking to Oliver, she joked about those “horrible fishnets” she wore at a Halloween party back in ’05. 

  • Mark Trammell

    I’ve been a fan of Cassidy’s from way back. I loved her on “Supernatural” & even the dubious “Melrose Place” reboot, as well as the under-appreciated “Harper’s Island.” It was disheartening seeing her in all those bad remakes like “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “When a Stranger Calls” and “Black Christmas.” Hopefully, this one will stick around long enough for her to get to be a kick-ass superhero! Lord knows, she’s paid her dues & has certainly earned it.

  • Christie F

    I have been watching the show regularly and while Ms. Cassidy is good, it’s Amell that keeps me coming back. The scene in episode one where he was doing those magic pull ups…. yes please.  

    • Jaylen Christie

       Hahahaha! Yeah, he has freakishly ABnormal abs. I think I’m jealous. lol

  • F2012

    For some reason, Katie Cassidy resembles the comic book character Black Canary a lot more on older pictures than now — blond, more athletic, tighter. I hope they evolve her back to that ( and that she looks credible when beating up the bad guys — don’t leave it all to smart camera and imagination), when they finally turn her into Black Canary.

    • Jaylen Christie

      Hmmm…I dunno. I kinda like her as a brunette. But I see where you’re going. I guess we’ll see what happens. Do you think she should turn into Black Canary this season?

      • F2012

        There are many good ways to build up slowly. “Fishnets” already came up — so let Oliver and Dinah go to a party with her in fishnets and a body “for old times sake”, some turmoil breaks out, she starts kicking some ass but gets in trouble. She gets rescued by Arrow, and she agrees to let him train her. We see her training, working out, looking seriously buff, drawing on martial arts lessons as a child (which her dad made her do: flashbacks!), doing some “test fights” with some bad dudes, starts liking to fight in fishnets and Woolford-style body for convenience, and at some point rescue Arrow, returning the original favor. She should not become a dansel-in-distress who always needs Arrow as backup, after all! By then, she is in on the secret. It shouldn’t be an easy path for her, it should be credible. A girl trying to beat up a couple if dudes? That should go (nearly?) wrong then and now. She is smart: she should utilize that too. All that can take a number if episodes, and can get started soon. Just a thought.

        • Jaylen Christie

           I’ve gotta give you credit — that was awesome! Let’s hope the writers get a clue! She’ll need a mask though. Everyone in that city knows Laurel as an attorney!

    • F2012

      On this promo, Katie Cassidy really looks like Black Canary (hope, the picture-embedding works):

      • Jaylen Christie

         Thanks for the comparison! She does favor Black Canary … but I think I prefer her as a brunette.