Grimm Season 2 Chat – Renard and Juliet? Whoa

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When Grimm began last year, I was not a fan of Juliette. I found her character to be completely useless, boring, and just a distraction for Nick. I was convinced (and I mean that I would have bet the $5 I have in my checking account) that she was going to be killed off before the credits rolled on the first season of Grimm.

However, here we are in the midst of the second season and Juliette is not only alive, but she’s become a main player and a huge plot line for this season. I’d previously written an article about what you think of Juliette, and instead of delving into her as a character this time I would like to talk about her and Renard.

Captain Renard took it upon himself to use a little home spun magic to wake Juliette from her coma. He had to make himself “pure of heart” and by the looks of what he had to go through, it wasn’t a cakewalk. Renard planted one on Juliette and to the shock of the audience, her eyes fluttered open and boom – she was awake. Granted, she had no memory, but hey, at least she was alive.

Right now Juliette is attempting to get her memory back and trying to remember Nick and everything that she shared before she caught catch scratch fever. But there’s one thing standing in their way – Renard. Juliette is having some serious warm fuzzies for Nick’s boss, and doesn’t have any idea why.

So here is the question that I pose to you, Grimm fans: Can we compare Juliette to Sleeping Beauty and Renard to Prince Charming? What do you think? While he did use a spell to wake her up, Nick’s kiss didn’t work… and now Renard is trying to get Juliette out of his head, but is having no luck on that front.

Instead, the pair puckered up to each other on Juliette’s front porch and Renard doesn’t really seem to care that he’s screwing with the true love of a Grimm. I’m trying to figure out where the writers are taking this couple and what the end game could possibly be with Renard’s secret love (actually, lust) for Juliette coming out in the open.

Besides the fact that Renard is Nick’s boss and knows that he and Juliette are freaking engaged, what about Renard being part of the infamous royal families? It seems that Nick finding out about Renard’s big secret would completely go against the reason Renard woke Juliette in the first place.

But what reason could Renard possibly have for even moving forward with Juliette? He used Monroe to get rid of the “obsessive” feelings that he was having towards Juliette, but obviously something didn’t quite work out the way he planned… hence the smoochies.

That said Grimmsters, what sort of plan do you thing Renard has up his sleeve? How with this new change of events effect Juliette and Nick? Forget about Nick, what about Juliette?? The poor girl has been through enough, and now that she’s remembering snippets of her “before” life, Renard walks in to mess things up. Where do you think this story line is headed and what does it mean for the heroine of Grimm?

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  • mary

    juliette is very boring and useless and frankly, I don’t know why she is still on the writers keep her on the show!