Exclusive Interview: LisaRaye McCoy On Single Ladies Season 3, What’s In Store For Keisha & More

LisaRaye McCoy

LisaRaye McCoy, star of VH1’s Single Ladies, was gracious enough to chat with TV Equals and talk about on the upcoming third season of show. During the interview, she talked about what she thought about Keisha’s big relationship decision between Sean (Terrell Tilford) and Malcolm (D.B. Woodside) during last season, how fans reacted and what they can expect from the upcoming season. Basically, be prepared to expect any and everything. Single Ladies returns to VH1 in 2013.

Single Ladies is coming back for a third season. How excited are you to come back to VH1?

LisaRay McCoy: In this time, in this generation, in this society, I’m glad to have a job. I’m glad to be a part of a show that I’m proud of–a positive show. The core foundation of the show is friendship, and it’s teaching young girls–not just ourselves and our age group–the importance of support. And I think bridging that gap between women and between friends is very important. And aside from that, it’s a fashion-forward show as well. It’s showing women what we go through when we’re looking for that significant other, when we’re trying to date, what are the things that go wrong, what are the things that we think about, how we take that in. And it’s not only a show for women, it’s a show for men, to show them the things that we are looking for, that we want our men to be our kings.

There were quite a few bombshells last season, what with your character Keisha having to choose between Sean or Malcolm, April learning more about Reggie, etc. How did the fans react to that, in your view?

LisaRay McCoy: They loved it. Viewership was up 20 percent from the season before, so that’s a testament to the writing. Stacy A. Littlejohn has done an incredible job bringing her vision to life, and for the actors, we’ve done a great job bringing those words to life as the characters so it starts with that writing. And you always want to have a little drama–cliffhangers, if you will–to be able to exude that suspense. Almost like a night-time soap opera kind of feel. We want you to stay tuned until the next week, and she’s done an awesome job for that. When I look on Twitter and the fans say, “You have to choose Sean” and “What’s going to happen?”–they were really involved and so I’m glad we have that type of show that encourages people to watch weekly.

To go back to your character–I’m not sure if you’ve gotten any scripts yet for the next season, but how will her decision to choose Malcolm over Sean affect Keisha this season?

LisaRay McCoy: I wouldn’t even speak on that because I have no idea where they’re going to take the storyline. We’re pleasantly surprised when we go to the table reads and get the script a week before we film. Actually, when we’re filming, we get it a week before the table read, we’re still filming an episode before that, so we don’t get a chance to get into it until we’re actually filming. I think that’s part of keeping us in suspense as well, so we won’t tell the audience and tell our friends (laughs).

If you could guest star on any other television show, which one would it be?

LisaRay McCoy: I like True Blood. I love Scandal, and I love Revenge.

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