Burn Notice Season 6 Mid-Season Premiere Review “Desperate Measures/Means & Ends” – Two Hours of Epic Storytelling

Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 11 Desperate Measures

In the two-hour mid-season premiere of Burn Notice, made up of two episodes called “Desperate Measures” and “Means & Ends,” Michael and the rest of the team have to first figure out how to get out of Panama. After that, Michael has to figure out how far he’s willing to go to exact revenge for his brother.

If you saw my preview (LLINK) of these episodes, then you know that initially I wondered why both were being shown on the same night as part of one preview. Of course that question was answered by the time I saw the final five minutes of the second one. Still they are two completely different episodes and, as such, I’m going to break them down individually.

In “Desperate Measures,” the main objective that the team has is to make it safely out of Panama. They come up with a plan to make it happen and all seems to be going well until Gray decides to jump out of the plane at the last second. Michael of course goes after him and that leaves the Sam, Fi and Jesse to figure out how to get Michael back.

When Michael and Gray got captured, I hoped that we’d see the two of them learn to get along and maybe even help each other get out of the mess that they were in. Michael finding out that Gray had been shown a fake file that made it look like Michael had been working with Anson was the first piece to that puzzle coming together. The second piece came when Gray saw that Michael was willing to sacrifice himself to protect his friends.

The episode ends with them forming a tentative partnership to get Card together and I thought that we’d see that storyline play out throughout the rest of the season. In fact the only real wrinkle I saw in the plan was the fact that Michael had to keep it all from his mother.

A few of my favorite bits from “Desperate Measures”:

“Where I come from, we do not execute prisoners.”
“Okay and when the guys with guns see us?” “You run faster.”

“I like surprises.”
“Good, you’re gonna love the rest of the day.”

“Shady Flight 101 now boarding, all hi-jackers proceed to the gate.”

“Michael and his friends are all set, but wow, I bet Albert’s going to be sorry he ever went boating.”

“Remind me never to go car shopping with you.”

“Tibbs. Call me, Mr. Tibbs.”

Jesse and Sam trying to negotiate a phone from a kid..and losing.

“Yo soy the guy with your plane.” – Good to see Sam’s Spanish isn’t rusty.

Maddie doing a great job at masking her ice-cold hatred for Card with motherly concern. I swear that woman was born to be a spy. Now I know where Michael gets all his talent from.

“After you Mr. Axe, I believe we have a castle to storm.”

“What can I say, I’m that charming.”

“The guy who just took 15,000 volts to save his friends is not the guy I read about in that file.”

“You saved my life back there, you just bought yourself a choice.”

And that brings us to part two, “Means & Ends.” This episode starts out like almost any typical episode of Burn Notice. Fi’s prison buddy Ayn brings them a case while Michael is dealing with much deeper issues.

First, Michael and Fi have to burn down the first home they ever shared together in order to sell the story that Gray is doing everything that Card asks. That part was a bit heartbreaking, but I did understand why it needed to be done and I also have a hope that it means they’ll get a much nicer place in the future.

The next part that killed me in this episode was everything with Maddie and Gray. Like I said, I figured Michael would have to keep that secret for the rest of the season so color me surprised when Maddie caught on to what was going on right away. That meeting between Maddie and Gray was as beautiful as it was terrible, and truthfully I felt for both of them when it was over. Maddie had lost her son, but Gray had just been doing his duty. It was awful no matter how you looked at it. Maddie deciding that she needed to move away is something that I’m struggling to deal with and I hope that somehow Michael talks her out of it. I just can’t imagine what it would be like without her around.

Finally there were those final five minutes. The last scene in this episode is something that I would have expected to happen at the end of this season. Gray and Card are both dead and now I have to wonder what the heck is going to happen next? What kind of trouble is Michael going to get into when he’s found over two bodies? Or will he find a way to cover it up? Even if all of that part of the mess is cleaned up, will Michael truly quit the life like he promised his mother? So many questions and the only way they can be answered is by watching the rest of the season.

Here are a few of my favorite bits from “Means & Ends”:

“I’m sorry, who are you? I came here with my boyfriend Michael Westen.”

Fi asking how many snow globes she could keep.

Michael and Fi asking each other if they were okay at the same time.

“It’s the only home we’ve shared.”
“It won’t be the last.”

Everybody looking at Jesse when Sam wondered which of them would pass as a gang member.

Jesse waving off Fi’s offer to help when he was getting crap beat out of him.

“You want to help us get the guy who sent your mom to prison?”
“Tell me what to do.”

“I just don’t want you to put yourself through something that’s going to make it worse.”
“Trust me, that’s not possible.”

“The next time you fire a bullet that could end someone’s life, you know their name.”

The guys listening to Garza making his final prayers. Wow.

“Mike, I have so much more fun when you’re here.” – I was so thinking the same thing.

“Allow me to introduce myself, my name is…*explosion*…and I’m with the department of…*explosion.*”

The slow-mo walk of the team after they saved Garza. One of my most favorite scenes ever.

“I can’t keep watching you turn your soul inside out.”

Card’s whistle practically scaring the crap out of me.

Knowing that Michael was going to put that bullet through Card’s head about two seconds before he did it.

What did you think of the mid-season premiere of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Without a doubt the best show on TV. Ever!

  • Buckeyecreek

    Everything fans loved about Burn Notice–the relationships, the “spy craft” and the laughs–has been abandoned in favor of torture and explosions. Their success made them take it all so seriously that soon I expect a “very special episode” of Burn Notice: maybe we find out what Mike and Sam really did while they were dug-in together in Bosnia…
    I don’t want to see torture. I don’t care about Jesse. I don’t want Fiona to be “really good at buying shoes.” She loves Michael for his unattainability, he loves her for her undominated independence, everyone loves Sam because he is loyal, brave and true. I know all of Season 6 is already filmed so I don’t have any hope that it will be the way it was when I first signed on. Season 7?  Why bother?