Covert Affairs Season 3 Review “Scary Monsters” – Is Annie Too Naive?

Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 14 Scary Monsters

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “Scary Monsters,” Annie once again does things she’s not supposed to do based on information from people she’s sure she can trust. The question is: should she?

This was another one of those episode where so much happened, I almost don’t know where to begin. First up of course there is Annie’s entire story and whether or not she should trust Eyal. Annie’s gut has gotten her into trouble a few times, but it’s also gotten her out of trouble a lot, too. This time she went with her gut about Eyal not being involved with the bogus file from Mossad and it’s possible it may have gotten her into trouble again. But I have to say that if I were in her shoes, I would have done the same exact thing.

Speaking of Eyal, I don’t know how to feel about him now. That he ultimately cares about Annie and their friendship, I have no doubt. Did he follow orders to use the trust Annie had in him to get the CIA to act on the bogus file? Yes. But it’s also obvious that he hated doing it, so much so that he’s now given up his job. Would Annie be too naive to continue to trust him after all of this? Well, if she is then I guess I am, too because I think she can still trust him.

Then there’s Auggie; quietly and diligently working in the background to help Annie out. I loved that he stood up to Joan in Annie’s defense. But he still hasn’t been able to have that heart-to-heart conversation he’s wanted to have with Annie for a while now and I have to wonder if he’s starting to rethink his feelings during all this. He now has an offer to be a Battle Buddy and I fear that maybe he’ll think that’s a great way to start over after everything he’s been through recently. Not that I agree, or want him to leave, but it did seem like he was thinking about it.

Finally there was Joan and Arthur. I was pleased to see Joan realize her role in Annie’s behavior and that maybe some of this wouldn’t have happened, if Joan had been a leader that Annie felt she could go to with anything. Arthur’s journey is more confusing to me as I’m still trying to figure out what Henry Wilcox’s sentence being commuted has to do with it all, but I did like the way he stood up for himself before the committee. I also love how supportive he is being with Joan and her decision to take time off.

Overall, this was another exciting episode and with only two left this season, I don’t see anything calming down for Annie and everyone else any time soon.

My favorite bits..

“Now, you’re just as naive as Annie.”

“With all your quips and witty rejoinders, that’s the best you come up with?”

Eyal resorting to practically running Annie off the road to speak to her.

Eyal swearing on his son’s life that he had no knowledge that any part of the file bogus.

“I don’t want to run anything else up the flag pole unless I know it’s a flag.”
“I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?”

Auggie pointing out that the oddity of a blind guy being in charge of the visual evidence investigation.

“Since when do you carry a gun?”
“Since I felt like I needed one.”

“I’m fine, Auggie. Surviving car bombs seemed to be a specialty of mine.”

Joan telling Annie to do whatever she wanted, and then hanging up on her. Whoa.

Auggie standing up for Annie with Joan.

Auggie’s sigh after Barber went off into his geek-speak.

“See, I’m not American. I don’t have to play by the rules.”

“Was there no other way to achieve what you wanted, than by using me like this? I trusted you.”

Annie playing “chicken” with her tiny car and a jet.

Annie finding out that Megan went back to Khalid and that Cole had been a decoy all along.

“I’m saying I’m giving you one last chance to save our friendship.”

Arthur telling Joan that he supported her decision to take a few days off.

Eyal telling Rivka that he quit.

“She saved my life five times, even though she only counts three.”

“What have you lost in this grandiose scheme?”

Annie realizing that Joan was the one to get her out of going to Bluebonnet.

“Maybe she realized that she likes you, too.”

Wondering if something is in the blanket that Auggie gave Annie.

Megan telling Khalid about Annie.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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