Castle Season 5: The Holidays Come to the 12th Precinct

Castle Season 5: The Holidays

Now that Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) are out of the closet – in terms of their once secret relationship, that is – with everyone at the precinct (except for Captain Gates, of course) and at home in on the secret, it is time to find out just what the couple will be doing for the holidays on Castle.

In what will be the show’s first ever Christmas-themed episode, which is entitled “Secret Santa”, and is set to air on December 3 (yeah, it’s a little early but most of the networks take time off for the holidays, planning their holiday episodes earlier in the month), Castle and Beckett will, in true style, be investigating a murder mystery. What is that mystery you wonder? Well, it will be the case of who killed Santa Claus.

Here is the premise of the episode: When a bearded man in a – what else? – Santa suit, who happens to be carrying an ID reading (again what else?) – “Kris Kringle” falls from the sky in Central Park, Castle, Beckett and the team end up investigating who killed jolly old St. Nick. But, it would seem that this Santa was not as nice as he would appear – it fact he just be naughtier than anyone wants to admit.

But for the romantics out there who have been waiting for five long seasons to see these two finally together (can you believe it’s taken this long to get Castle and Becket together, by the way?), don’t worry – there will be a little bit of romance laced in this episode. The duo will be planning their first Christmas together (as a real couple) and I hear there will be a “very romantic set-up for Castle and Beckett”. Okay, let out that sigh of relief, right?

So, what would you like to see happen in this romantic interlude during the murder mystery? Maybe a candlelit dinner at Beckett’s apartment (so as not to be interrupted by Alexis or Martha?) A horse-drawn carriage ride through the park? What are your romantic ideas for Castle and Beckett? Please share them below, but since its Christmas-time try to keep them PG-13, okay?

  • 10isplayer

    I want Castle to sweep Becket off her feet and take her away for a Romantic Christmas adventure of fun and romance. (Even if it is back to his other home up north)  I know this is a show about murder mysteries but we have been waiting over four seasons for these two to really fall in love and I think they need a quiet opportunity to do that.