The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Legacy” – Muscle Cramps and a Not-Agreed-To Heart Transplant

The Mob Doctor Episode 5 Legacy

One thing I will say is that this all-new episode of The Mob Doctor, “Legacy,” provided the much-needed mental break from the looming election (which, at the time I’m writing this, is tomorrow. When you’ll read this, it’ll be Election Day). I’m nervous and I hope I get the desired outcome. But no time for politics right now, right? We’ve got some mob doctor visits to make!

This episode starts with Grace (who is actually a thoracic surgeon) caring for a young woman who needs a heart transplant stat. When they try to get the surgery over with, they see that the patient has a fever for some unknown reason. Surgery is cancelled, much to Grace’s chagrin. The cancellation means the heart they were going to use has now gone to waste. Grace doesn’t have much time to think about the unusable heart because she gets a call from Constantine (whom she stupidly has listed as “Constantine” on her iPhone!)–she’s needed for a mobster call.

She has to go to a prison to care for an inmate she’s been led to believe is having cardiac issues, but it turns out she’s the father of the woman who needs the transplant. He faked his cardiac symptoms in order to get Grace there. Somehow, he’s heard she needs a heart, and he plans to give his to her. Grace refuses to aid in his suicide.

However, the guy fakes a heart attack so he can go to the hospital and try to force Grace’s hand. She still refuses to kill him. So far Grace has stuck by her morals until a second surgery proves that the woman can’t survive another surgery without the heart. Grace goes to the hospital room containing the woman’s father–she doesn’t get anything accomplished; it’s just another excuse to show Grace saying she won’t kill him. The dad does give some good lines, though, saying that Grace plays God every day due to her job; she just has to make the choice she’s unwilling to make.

So, the young woman is dying and the father asks to see his little girl just one last time. Technically, Grace wheeling the patient around and making up some sort of excuse to get the police guard not to follow them wouldn’t work in real life, I don’t think. What also wouldn’t work in real life is the father automatically knowing Grace needed a heart in the first place, but whatever, right? It’s a show.

Constantine takes matters into his own hands by having the guy killed himself. Grace quickly recovers the heart, but when asked about the procedure, woman doesn’t want to go through with it. Her father was part of the mob, and she can’t forgive him for not being there during her childhood. She refuses his apology and his heart. But, Grace, being a doctor that’s too noble to the point of not abiding by her own patient’s wishes, goes through with the surgery anyway!Now, I’m not arguing for or against assisted suicide or medical inaction, but to go against your patient’s wishes is a little…interesting.

Of course, when the woman wakes up, she’s furious. She didn’t want to live with her terrible father’s heart. However, Grace’s decision is supposed to be Grace telling the woman to forgive her father. Try swallowing that advice yourself, Grace! How about you forgive your own father first?! The woman does say “I could turn you in for this.” I wish she would, but I know she’s not going to since that’s not the direction the show wants to go.

Meanwhile, while all of this is going on, Olivia is trying to save face after the debacle that happened last episode (which, I believe, involved Olivia’s patient dying, In any case, it was a bad outcome). Thankfully, she gets her chance when the younger brother of Brett’s patient (a 16-year-old boy who’s been having intestinal cramps and blockages) starts getting strange, horrific cramps. Later, Brett and Olivia (who surprises Brett by actually showing she cares about her patients) realize the boy’s problems–the younger boy’s muscle twisting cramps and the older boy’s intestinal twists–are related. Turns out they both have a mutated gene of some sort.

One solution–dopamine injections, eases the older boy’s symptoms. But the younger boy–who sustained an electrical shock earlier in the episode–now has his symptoms increased due to said shock. Olivia suggests an electrical pacemaker in the boy’s brain to monitor and assist with his cramping. The parents okay the brain surgery, and the mother thanks Olivia for taking care of her “sons.” Hey–Brett took care of the other one! But sure, Olivia does deserve a lot of the credit since she did realize the two cases were related.

Also, Grace’s stupid brother Nate is trying out his first job with Constantine. A new ordinance is going to allow for the usage of video poker games. Constantine wants to get some, I guess…The subplot is really inconsequential to the overall episode, but we do see Nate get beat up by a muscle guy. Turns out that muscle guy is working with Constantine, putting Nate through the ropes.

So that’s it! The episode is just as ridiculous as the others, but I do have to say the gore and blood quotient went up quite exponentially since I remembered last. I also don’t like how they’re using impossible technology, such as the plasma screens that just happened to have the boys genome charts (or whatever) on it. This technology doesn’t even exist yet, I don’t think! If it does, leave me a comment below.