2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Pre-Approved Credit Card”

2 Broke Girls Season 2 Episode 5 And The Pre-Approved Credit Card (6)

With our beloved “2 Broke Girls” struggling in the cash department more than ever, it was probably only a matter of time they fell prey to that most nefarious of evils: the pre-approved credit card. That they did, in the aptly-titled “And the Pre-Approved Credit Card,” and really, who can blame them in this economy?

Still, though it is admittedly the American Way more often than not to buy stuff you can’t afford, and I can certainly sympathize with nearly every woman’s fascination and right to buy over-priced shoes (just like it’s every man’s right to spend way too much money on comics and videogames), I was a little flummoxed by Max’s desire: a box of lizards. Um, what?

Though that bizarre desire was used as a laugh line one too many times, and no lizards ultimately were purchased, the girls nonetheless sort of got what they wanted in the end by selflessly thinking of someone else instead of themselves. That someone would be Earl’s visiting son, Darius, aka “Darius the Hilarious,” as played by guest star Cedric the Entertainer. Ced intentionally told corny jokes that mostly fell flat, but discovered an affinity for Don Rickles-style putdowns, which he put to good use on those who didn’t find his sense of humor funny.

Poor Han bore the brunt of his bon mots, lamenting, for instance, after a joke involving a late child: “There’s a dead kid in the mix and we gotta laugh?” Darius: “Take it easy, there, fun-size!” Max had to set Darius straight on Han’s lack of good humor: “It’s not his fault he’s not funny…we put his sense of humor on the high shelf.” Max took to Darius right away, noting: “I always wanted a brother who was a brother.”

Eventually, Max recognized that Darius- who quit his steady, successful job as a car dealer to be a stand-up comedian- was perfectly awful and not very funny. Worrying about his chances for success, the girls used their aforementioned credit card to buy Darius a suit from the “Sinbad Collection.” Plus, a puppet named Justin Beaver that looked about what you’d expect it to, which is to say, crazy-awesome.

Corny though it may have been, I admittedly laughed at Caroline’s Beaver puppet crack: “Damn, girl! As in, I built one.” Of course, this being “2 Broke Girls,” it didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict an off-color joke was coming, which came when Earl, who refunded the girls’ investment in his son- including the price of the puppet, with this complaint: “I swore I would never pay for beaver.”

Best lines not already mentioned: Caroline, on their sorry state of affairs: “You’re freebasing lipstick and look, this heel is starting to wobble.” Max, handing her gum: “Stick this in and hold it- I swear I’ve said that before, but I don’t think it was about shoes.”
Max, after Caroline fell and dumped a plate of meatballs on two muscle-bound customers: “Those are the biggest balls those guys have had in their laps since they started steroids.”
Earl: “Credit cards are more trouble than a priest at a Wiggles concert.”

Max, realizing how bad Darius was as a comedian: “Oh no, I ran out of fake laughter.”
Darius, insulting an older black man with a salt-and pepper high-top fade: “Don King called- said he wanted his whole head back.”
Max, replacing Caroline’s fallen shoes, when she asked if she went to a cobbler: “I took a time machine- I was supposed to kill Hitler, but I thought your shoes were more important.”

A decent, if unspectacular episode, hampered by the fact that, for much of the episode, Cedric wasn’t allowed to, you know, actually be funny, because of his character. I did adore his “Soul Train” dance, though, so it wasn’t a complete waste, as that may have been worth the price of admission, along with the Beaver puppet.

I’m not sure what the writer’s excuse was for Jennifer Coolidge, though, who couldn’t wring a single laugh out of her lines this time out, despite her best efforts. She deserved better, to be sure. All in all, I’m afraid the “Girls” were coasting a bit this time out, sad to say.

What did you think? Did you, too, wonder why they cast a real comedian to play an intentionally unfunny one? Do you think the season has been solid or too hit-and-miss for its own good? Do you so want a Justin Beaver puppet now? Let me know in the comments!