Mythbusters Don HazMat Suits for Breaking Bad-Themed Episode

Don’t worry, parents. The Mythbusters won’t teach your child how to cook methampetamine.

Drug manufacturing aside, Jamie and Adam will be taking on the esteemed drama in a spring episode of Mythbusters. According to Entertainment Weekly, the crew will delve into a couple of scenes from season one. Co-hosts Jamie and Adam will delve into the famous bathtub scene from season one where Jesse’s attempts to dissolve a body in hydrochloric acid don’t go nearly as well as planned. Meanwhile, the B team of Tory, Grant, and Kari will also investigate a scene from the first season.

The Mythbusters originally planned to do a third experiment, but the content of the two experiments they chose had so much to work with, that they decided to hold off on the third for a possible sequel episode. “There’s easily one more if not a couple more Breaking Bad episodes,” says Savage. “Those guys have been so much fun with technology and science that there’s a lot that we could do with them.”

Give us the magnets, guys. We want the magnets.