Fringe Series Finale Date Announced

Mark your calendar and stock up on your tissues, Fringe officially has a finale date.

Late last week, Fox announced that the science fiction drama would come to an end with a two-hour series finale on January 18th. With only eight episodes left in the series, the Fringe team has a lot of work left to do between now and January 18th in order to restore the world to a place where the Observers no longer reign supreme.

Along with the announcement came some words of thanks from the show’s co-creators:

J. H. Wyman: “Above all else, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to personally thank everyone involved with Fringe. From the most amazing fans, to our incredible cast, writers and crew, and our wonderful partners at Fox and Warner Bros. – we would not be here without you.”

J.J. Abrams: “I am grateful to our blessed fans, and to Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice and everyone at the glorious Fox network for allowing Fringe to reach its bittersweet conclusion.”

The end is officially in sight. You have a little over two months to spend in the company of the Bishop family. Enjoy it while you can.

Fringe airs Fridays on Fox at 9 PM.

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