Friday Night Dinner Series 2 Review “The Yoghurts”

Friday Night Dinner

It’s another strange installment of Friday Night Dinner this week, as Jonny’s older girlfriend proves a problem and Grandma gets locked in the boot, on episode five, ‘The Yoghurts’.

I’ve taken to guessing each week where the title might come up in the story, and was pleasantly surprised, if a little confused, when the titular yoghurts didn’t make much of an impact on the story at all. If anything, the episode was split into two incidents, one involving Grandma with her 36 yoghurts (they were on offer) and the other picking up the ongoing thread with Jonny’s love life. While the second half was marginally funnier, I’d say I preferred the first simply because it dealt with characters we already know and love.

I said last week that Jonny’s romance with an older woman didn’t really fit in with what we know about his wooing skills, but meeting Liz this week put those worries straight in the bin. He’s as hopeless with her as he has been with all other women, and seems to have fallen into a relationship largely by accident. Not that his family mind of course, with the exception of Adam, as they’re all keen to get to know the new lady in his life. The trouble is, paying a surprise visit to your 20-something boyfriend’s house while he’s having Friday night dinner with his parents might not be the best plan.

I’m glad this might be the last we see of Liz, but at least she wrung some cracking humor from Jonny’s trauma first. Breaking up with her in full view of his family (including a confused Grandma), she ends up crying on Jackie’s shoulder, and Jonny makes a run for it. Adam’s having none of it, however, and wants his brother to revel in all of the embarrassment he’s created for himself. Locking him out without his car keys, Jonny has to go around the back and face a devastated Liz all over again, a situation that culminates in him, Adam and Martin wrestling on the floor.

It’s a funny moment, and one that rewards regular viewers with an insular family joke that automatically excludes the outsider in the room. I’m still concerned that the show might be trying to do too much at once, and this episode could really have made two decent stories instead of one disjointed episode. That said, I enjoyed both halves, and it’s always nice to see Grandma come around.

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