Family Guy Season 11 Review “The Old Man & the Big C”

For the penultimate episode of “Family Guy” before next week’s benchmark 200th episode hour-long extravaganza MacFarlane and Co. coasted a bit, but it was still a mildly enjoyable show. In the cheekily-titled “The Old Man and the Big C,” Brain and Stewie stumble across what they think is a big secret: that Lois’ father, the insanely-monikered Mr. Pewterschmidt (is that an in-joke reference I’m not getting?) is dying of cancer. This turns out to be the half of it, as not only does he have cancer, but the cure as well, which Mr. P. has opted to keep to himself instead of sharing with the world at large.

Eventually, Lois catches wind of it and makes him promise to reveal it to the world, but he ultimately doesn’t, coasting by on his rascally charm. Or, as Peter puts it: “He’ll just do a magazine cover with a wink to who he is and all will be forgiven.” Cut to: a magazine cover, with an impish Mr. P. and the headline “Oh, Carter, you Devil!” Cue the wah-wah tuba- which they actually did with a tuba at one point earlier, over on “The Cleveland Show.” Since “Family Guy” airs later than that, it would have been cute for this show to end with a call-back from that show, but whatevs.

Meanwhile, Quagmire got exposed as…having worn a toupee all this time. Amusingly, after he was found out, he stopped wearing it and immediately degenerated into a cross between the current “Get off my lawn!” incarnation of Clint Eastwood and a doddering old mental patient- oh wait, that might be the same thing.

Spending his time shouting at passers-by things like “Drive like Hell, you’ll get there!” the guys are more than a little worried about Mr. Giggety. Although, as Peter noted, “I guess all this time Quagmire should have been saying “Wiggety.” Wah-wah.

Deciding that “baldness is for women’s crotches, not men’s heads,” Quagmire opts for a hair transplant. While there, their doctor shoots a gun in the air after a successful surgery. Cue the phone call: “Oh my God, one of my patients on 2 has been shot!”

Some great visual gags: the severed head catch at the game, the bizarre cannibalistic bit with the nattering women at the restaurant at the mention of a particularly delectable dessert, and I loved when Stewie ran in to capture the photo of the look of anguish on Lois’ face when Brian told her her father had cancer. All funny, if twisted stuff. (Hey, it’s “Family Guy” after all, not “The Simpsons.”)

I also loved the bit with the Latin guy’s list of “things to do” after his death and the back-handed Kia commercial: “Kia. Too bad it’s a Kia.” Speaking of twisted, how about Peter’s declaration that “I’m wearing my dead grandma’s panties”? And I got the giggles when he termed shoes “foot prisons” in a flashback. Ditto the scene where Mr. P. played a prank on the “hippie” at Starbuck’s: “Woodstock’s over, MF!” LOL.

However, I have to reward the best line of the night to Brian, when Stewie called him on knowing the year that the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” called him on it. “It’s a song about dogs. And letting them out.”

All in all, a so-so episode, but they should more than make up for it with next week’s special hour-long, which looks to be another time-travel-centric episode. I adore those, so I can’t wait. Sure, they’re going back to the well, but, hey, it’s the 200th episode, so we’ll cut them some slack, so long as it’s funny.

What did you think? Did I miss any good lines? Are you glad they didn’t keep Quagmire that way? Looking forward to the next episode? Let me know in the comments section!

  • It was better than the last two aired episodes of season 11, very pleased with the jokes in the episode. It was better, way better, not the best, but BETTER.

  • Georgefisher93

    I have to admit, Brian’s line about letting the dogs out was hilarious!! It was a pretty good episode actually

  • mike griffin

    Love your reviews but keep politics out of it. Clint has to be an “old mental patient” because he doesn’t support Obama? Leave the liberal humor to Seth macfarlane who does it well.