666 Park Avenue Season 1 “Diabolic” Review – The Red Box-O-Doom

666 Park Avenue delivered a strong episode with “Diabolic”, and made me realize that I actually care about the characters on this show way more than I thought.

While 666 Park Avenue struggled for a bit to find out if it wanted to be a horror show, supernatural, or suspense; but I feel that it has finally found the right path which is pretty much a mixture of all three. In “Diabolic” we get to see a little bit more of the characters that we’ve seen throughout the series – and we’re left wondering just who (or what) is Gavin exactly?

Obviously he’s at least got a little humanity in him based on his love and devotion for Olivia and wanting to keep her safe at all costs. But there’s something sinister about him and his needing to have control over everything and everyone, and not to mention the little fact that anyone that gets in his way either ends up missing or dead.

That said, is Gavin 100% human? Is he a manifestation of the devil? Did The Drake make him the way that he is, or is The Drake haunted because of him? Too many questions surround Gavin for me to get a handle on him, but I do know one thing… I love the guy.

Now, what exactly is in that red box? Part of me really wants to know what’s going on with that thing (okay, a REALLY big part of me wants to know) but the other part starts channeling Brad Pitt in Se7en when he finds Gwyneth’s head in the box. We’ve already seen a guy die from opening the thing, and it would seem that it holds a lot of other supernatural powers… so, what exactly is it?!

Moving on to Jane and Henry and how Jane is opening up to her sixth sense and actually did the one thing that I always hope girls in horror movies do – she wants to get out of the haunted house.

Good for you Jane!! My heart broke for her this week as she struggled to make Henry believe her and to get her out of The Drake. Understandably, Henry has issues with this, but over all he loves Jane and I think that will save their relationship.

What did you think of 666 Park Avenue?

  • plaineverte

    I think Olivia is not as innocent as the TV show wants us to believe.

  • ro

    Will we ever find out what’s in the red box?