The Amazing Race 2012 Season 21 Review “Get Your Sexy On”

In the sixth leg of the race, the teams left behind dusty, sweltering Bangladesh and headed for Istanbul, Turkey. This kind of journey is an equalizer; multiple teams end up on the same flight, erasing any lead that a team may have had.

At the travel agency, the race took an unexpected turn. Until this point, I had been rooting for the twins, Nadiya and Natalie. They consistently have positive attitudes and provide the comic relief. However, they crossed a line, and I can’t stand behind them no more. In the travel agency, Abba and James, Abbie and Ryan, Lexi and Trey, and the twins were all trying to book their flights. During the flurry of activity, Abba set down $100 in cash on the desk and stepped away. Seeing the money, the twins snatched it up and decided to keep it. Lexi and Trey saw them take the money and eventually split it with them.

This is stealing. The twins knew to whom the money belonged, and Abba and James were in the room when the twins picked up the money. It’s not like the twins found a pile of cash and didn’t know where it came from. They knew, and they did not say anything or give it back. Their behavior not only demonstrated poor sportsmanship, it was dishonest and despicable. Lexi and Trey were no better for their part.

Abba and James didn’t know that the other teams stole the money, and they didn’t mention losing it because they thought it would make them seem weak. Instead, they had to beg for money from the local people in order to move on in the race. The generous people of Bangladesh ended up compensating for the dishonesty of The Amazing Race competitors. From this point forward, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the twins and Lexi/Trey are eliminated from the race. They should be ashamed of themselves.

So who is there left to cheer on? Pickings sure are slim. I can’t get behind Abbie and Ryan, because Ryan is insufferable. The Beekman boys are well-intentioned by frustrating to watch. Their ineptitude at finding the ice cream and delivering the bagels was maddening. They did, though, redeem themselves when they got out of their stuck cab and directed traffic to clear their route to the pit stop. It was nice to see them finally take some initiative. Rob and Kelley hit the road after coming in last. I’d heard just about enough about monster trucks, so I wasn’t too sad to see them go. This leaves the rockers and the Chippendales dancers. I’d be happy for either of these two teams to win the competition.

What is puzzling is why there were no consequences for the theft of the money. I kind of expected more from Phil Keoghan and The Amazing Race.

  • I agree with you entirely. Until the twinnies were crooked, rotten bitches – I was rooting for them. I think they should have been thrown out of the race, along with Lexie and Trey who also have no morales or ethics.

    • Merikano


      I was rooting for them initially but after a couple legs it was clear that the twins really aren’t good people. Trey and Lexi are just as guilty and while Trey did appear uneasy about stealing it I think his was more worried about possible rule breaking. The biggest problem is they’re in a third world country. These people are starving and working in sweat shops yet because of the twins and Trey and Lexi the rockers are forced to take from them? It’s dirty, it’s cheap, and it was completely pointless. Every race needs a bad guy but I draw the line at stealing from poor people, no matter how crappy your childhood was.

      • Kevged1

        Well pu pal.

      • Spiderlady50

        I too was a fan of the girls up until this incident..was always a fan too of the I wholeheartedly root for them to win the whole thing! Go guys and props to the people who helped them  out…GO ROCKERS!

  • Kevged1

    Theft is a crime and the Amazing Race should seriously look into prosecuting the twins for their actions and the same goes for Trey and Lexi for being accessories to the act. I find ironic that this occurred in Bangladesh because karma is not something to take for granted. Props to the people that came to the aid of Americans in need. I’ll be pulling for the brothers here on out.

  • fred

    I agree that there should be consequences for both teams involved in the crime and the unbelievable lack of sportsmanship. I admire the rockers for their determination and despise the smallness and complete lack of integrity of both teams AND the Amazing Race for permitting theft and the misuse of the good people of Bangladesh. Shameful! I was supporting the twins until that move, but they are clearly without any morals as they joke about such an unconscionable move on camera. Despicable.

  • Spiderlady50

    I agree..the teams who stole and participated in the theft should be kicked off the show or at the very least should incur a heavy penalty…… if not, I will lose all respect for the show and may not be watching in the future..

  • Obmard3

    I think the thieves should be kicked out of the race. I was not happy that they didn’t get punished. Whats to stop future players from just stealing other players money to gain an advantage? If nothing is done this will be the last time i watch the race.

  • Mgirl

     I agree with you – the twins are scum in my eyes!!  I’m soooo disappointed there’s been no consequences from Phil/Producers for this dispictable act!

  • Mpaustian

    I think the twins should have been ousted from the game.  This is stealing and for The Amazing Race not to do anything was wrong.  Next time lets steal someone’s passport, that would really mess them up.  What if the rockers had been eliminated?  At the very least the twins should have been made to return the money and apologize.  They treated it like it was just a big joke.

  • Gelfam

    Pretty shamful keeping the money especially when they knew who it belonged to.Hope these four go in the next two shows.


  • Mary

    No consequences for knowing stealing cash from fellow competitors and leaving them stranded in Bangladesh? Not even a reprimand for COMMITTING A CRIME? Not “tsk, tsk, shame on you girls” for laughing & gloating about what they’d done? Shame on you Amazing Race!

  • Min

    I was very disappointed that the twins Nadiya and Natalie and Lexi and Trey for that matter were not ousted from the show or at least given a very heavy penalty for stealing the money from the Rockers.  That showed the lack of sportsmanship for them to do something like that, it was stealing.  I was hoping that at the end Phil would call them out on stealing the money but nothing was said.  Very disappointing that they would let that go as if nothing happened.  The Rockers had to beg in a third world country because of their actions.  I am rooting for the Rockers and hope they make it to the finale.  Very disappointing!

  • Jpnjl

    Incredibly disappointed by the lack of consequences from the theft on last night’s episode of Amazing Race.
    Both of the teams should have been disqualified at the pit stop, and the last team to arrive should have been allowed to stay in the race.
    This is the only “reality competition” show I watch and until now have been a loyal fan. 
    The actions of the twins were despicable and their cohorts in crime were no better.
    Bruckheimer, do something!

  • Anonymous

    I am so disgusted by the twins and lack of consequences given to them by TAR. Now why was Flight Time and Big Easy given a penalty for moving another teams bag thinking that they were helping them out and the twins STOLE money from another team? I really feel bad that Rob and Kelley have been eliminated when the twins and Lexi & Trey are still in the race. I sincerely hope those 2 teams get eliminated soon and that the rockers get to the end–now that would be justice :>)

  • AJ Hayes

    Is the Amazing Race going down the Survivor road? If so, I won’t be watcing in the future. Put any face on it you like, but theft is still a crime and should be punished severely.

  • Cheryl333

    I have been a huge fan of the Race since the first episode.  Now I will never watch again.

    I thought that the show had some integrity and believed in enforcing rules.  Apparently it is a major crime to take a taxi when the clue says to take a train, but it is fine to steal.  Both teams should have been disqualified immediately.  

    And then, at the mat, Phil joked with the twins about how they had decided not to be the “nice guys” anymore!  Are you kidding me?

    I am too disgusted every to watch again.

  • Bet

    I a most disappointed wit CBS.Why didn’t they say something.Also, on various tweets, they are say production would take the money back.Can you say reality shw

  • Furbi

    I find it disturbing that the twins did not incur a penalty for stealing the money. Is there no dignity in healthy competition. I mean this is a million dollar competition but is it worth stealing from another person?The network should have stepped in and addressed the theft. Karma has a way of biting you in the butt, because the rockers still ended up finishing ahead of them.

  • Deb49ers

    Very disappointed, never watching again. This was one of my favorite shows but telling people that it is ok to steal is just wrong.

  • Carr

    I have to agree with the comments posted about the twins, I cannot believe such an act took place on National TV.  The previews leading up to Sundays episode had the remarks, for the first time in Amazing Race History, one team stole another team’s money. If the producers of this show knew that and did nothing, what does this say for them?  This is just so wrong!  I expected the twins to be eliminated by Phil at the end but not even  a mention was made of this. I was left blown away, not believing what I had just witnessed.  I am so glad I am not their mother, I would be so ashamed of them.  Amazing Race, I expected more from you than this.

  • Bud82503

    After last nights episode where the money was stolen I have lost interest in the show. The least that should have happened was a penalty of 5 minutes per dollar, should have been assest on the theives.

  • SondraSLosh

    I also am disappointed that there was nothing done about the twins and ryan and Abby. I felt that the show was saying, it’s alright to steel .  I have lost alot of respect for the show and Phil.

  • What’s next? Cap your opponent in the knee with a club? That’s not much different than what the twins did. I’m sure CBS would love to get more people watching in sweeps, so wait for that to be next.  

  • Perhaps this has already been mentioned and maybe I am not up on the rules of the game, but I thought you were only allowed to use money that was given you for that leg of the race.  If the twins use any of the stolen cash dose that not give them an unfair advantage on the next leg?  Even still, I was completely shocked at the twins underhanded actions and even a little embarrassed for their family members at home who watched what they did. The fact that nothing has been said makes me wonder about the honor of the powers that be.  Maybe they are related to the group that controls Survivor. Now there is a batch of messy game players and not because they need showers.

    • Courtney

      Phil Keoghan tweeted today that there is nothing in the rules that prohibits taking “lost” money. I don’t know how he can consider it “lost” when the twins admitted that they knew it belonged to Abba and James.

      • karyn

        After reading about Phil’s tweet, I have lost all respect for the show.  This is sad, as it is (or was) one of the classiest reality shows on TV.  This was out-and-out stealing.  CBS/TAR should be ashamed of themselves.  I think their most recent Emmy will probably be their last.  How could anyone condone stealing on TV in front of millions of people?  Wow!  The Amazing Race has lost the “Amazing.” What’s amazing is the fact that the show just shot itself in the foot by letting this happen, and letting the thieves go unpunished. 

        GO ROCKERS!!!!  Here are two very decent men who have integrity, something the twinnies and Texas seem to be missing. 

      • Zama270

        Shame oh Phil, this show sucks now. I use to think it was the only clean safe reality show worth watching. Not


    I was ticked that the twin thiefs and Trey And Lexi stole that money. It is sad to see that they would sell their reputation, names and honor for a few bucks. Both of them shoul be kicked out of the race. What’s next, stealing pack backs, hitting opponents in the shins with clubs?

  • J.

    I am thoroughly disgusted with TAR. 
    TAR has now become one of the many “win at all costs and screw everyone in the process” shows that I avoid.
    And I hope future employers take note of what kind of people those twins and the Texans are!  Something else to think about: If they are gleefully proud of taking someone else’s cash (with the full knowledge of who it really belonged to) in front of TV cameras… what are they like in their friends homes when no one is looking? 

  • Carrie

    In total agreement about the theft. I watched with my 9-yr old girl and we discussed how utterly wrong that was – and that they were proud of it was even more disgusting.  Even when some teams lie to the others, I find that to be very unsportsmanlike.   This is not Survivor, where surviving by unsaviory means is almost a must to get ahead in the game.  I also agree that the annoying twinnies were not penalized by it; but again, it will come out in the wash. 

  • N_enwall

    i was very disappointed in the twins, trey and lexi and the amazing race.  i thought there would be consequences for stealing!

  • Kuulei_k

    I too agree with everyone’s post on the twins & Trey & Lexi. How could CBS just let it go!! I’m so disgusted , annoyed about the whole episode . I truly believe in karma and it will come around to those four. Go Rockers!!

  • Katherine

    I agree with everyone on this topic.I have watched the show from the start and can’t believe that stealing someone elses money is ok with the producers. When players take a taxi instead of a train they are penalized for it.The twins are not to be trusted like someone said what do they steal when they are in someones home .I would not want them working for me.Trey and Lexi are just as bad for taking a share of the money. The twins should have been eliminated and the monster truckers let stay in the race. I seen the previews for next week and the rockers backpacks go missing .Do they take them too.and think it is funny.This show has gotten a lot of rewards  but maybe no more. They had better put it right or they are going to lose a lot of viewers and I am one of them.

    • Anne

      My friend and I couldn’t believe there were no consequences for the twins taking money that wasn’t theirs and splitting it with Trey and Lexi. What’s next, laxatives in a competitor’s food?

      We are truly disgusted by this and if the twins are not called out we will not be watching this show next season.

      Go rockers!

  • Iam4ut

    TAR is the only reality show that I watch because all the others are so underhanded and harshly backstabbing.  My heart sunk last nite when I realized that TAR seems to be stooping to the level of some of the others.  I have always praised TAR for being “different” from other reality shows but last nite proved me wrong.  Where have your morals gone TAR?   The twins and Trey and Lexi (who I WAS rooting for) should have AT LEAST been penalized for their actions.  I sure hope you are not setting a precedent for future episodes.   

  • Custombaskets

    I also was upset about the stealing, and what message is this sending to the many kids watching, it’s okay to steal if you wnt to get ahead~~nothing will happen to you.

  • Curlieut

    I think the twins and the other team that knew who the money belong to should be disqualified….. they knew who it belong to…. The camera man that was taking the shots should mention (if not done already ) to Phil …. The race its self is taxing on the contestants but to STEAL  is wrong …. This my oponion.  Sorry twins and the other team that split the money I  hope you get booted. 

  • Randy Jackson2

    This cast is so lame  that we stopped watching after the second week !

  • Birdie54

    The twins, Trey and Lexi should have been sent home. What they did was a disgrace. Stealing is not acceptable in any competition.

  • Mazziott

    We agree, the twins and Lexi/Trey should have been disqualified for stealing. The problem is that this show is prerecorded and our comments are too late.

    How can we post a comment to Phil?


      Though it is too late to correct, and the lack of action on both Phil and the Network when everyone knew it was the rockers monies is as said above disgusting. My wife and I have watched from season one, and now will not watch, dvr, or in anyway show any type of support again. Phil if ya’ll decide to pull your heads out of your A*#&# let everyone know (via an announcement would be nice). Twins, L&T hope this bites you in the ass with any current and future employers the fact is you are thives.

  • Momainal60

    My husband and I were stunned when the money was stolen then split with the other team. But, we were even more stunned when nothing was said or nothing  done. I believe both teams should have been eliminated from the race at the completion of that episode!  CBS must then approve of the tactics used by the two teams and too applaud their sportsmanship! If that is the case, I can surely find something better to watch then a show on CBS.!!!!!!!!!!

  • karyn

    If TAR/CBS lets the thievery go unpunished, what is currently the best and classiest reality show on TV, will lose all integrity.  I was surprised nothing was done or said by Phil at the end of the last episode.  I am hoping there will be repercussions on the next episode, and if not, I will no longer watch.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this show for years and really hope they want let their viewers down by sweeping this under the rug. 

  • Janine

    as a fan from the first episode of TAR i always thought the show was a cut above the rest. no longer do as i was 100% expecting the thieves to get reprimanded at the end of the show, but not a word was said and phil even laughed with the twins….disgusting!!!! i wont be watching anymore of this show as its no longer suitable for my kids 🙁

    • Carrie

       really, when you used to have fun watching the show, then have to have a morality talk with your child after the fact to discuss what they did was wrong…

    • Carrie

       really, when you used to have fun watching the show, then have to have a morality talk with your child after the fact to discuss what they did was wrong…

  • Zama270

    I agree with most, they should have been booted from the show for stealing. Not only that, both teams actually cheated. They were only entitled to $100 for that leg of the race. They each were over that allotment by $50.00. So tell me again why both teams are still here ??? Horrible example they have left.

  • seaglass

    I noticed the twins were very quick to steal. They didn’t think about it at all. I think this is a real character trait with them. Total trash.

  • carol

    The girls and trey and lexie should have been thrown off the show. What about children watching? Is this approval of stealing a good thing for them? If the show does not talk about this and set new guidelines for the next show about dishonest behavior I will not be watching your next season- and I have watched every one until now. Please do not let one of the thieves win one million dollars. Disgraceful!!!!!!!!

  • lynmyers

    I can say that after watching Amazing Race almost from the beginning, I can no longer in good conscious, continue. I was hoping to see some penalty for the twins’ thieft, but it never came. There is a penalty for stealing a taxi and a penalty for bartering your own belongings. How on earth can there not be a penalty for stealing from cash or anything from other contestants. What next, no rules against stabbing, so that is okay? When Survivor became a cut throat game, I stopped watching it. I have been proud of the code of ethics Amazing Race, until now, has emulated. With remorse I will no longer watch this show. I encourage all who truly believe in ethics to do the same until some action is taken by the program to remedy this crime. This has become a dirty game!!!!