Revenge Season 2 Review “Illusion” – Wedding Bell Blues

Revenge Season 2 Episode 6 Illusion (1)
It is just me or are we starting to need a Mason Treadwell-esque corkboard to keep track of the double-dealings on Revenge? In this week’s episode, “Illusion,” Emily and Aiden framed Conrad for the murder of the White Haired Man, hoping to catch Mason Treadwell in the same trap, but their efforts might have ended up giving Mason the key to Emily’s true identity.

Although he was placated by the story Amanda fed him about how she’d had her scar removed, all it took was one little off-hand comment from Victoria about Emily having been in juvenile detention for Mason to have possibly figured out the biggest secret on the show. I guess this means that Amanda’s going to have to put down her baby long enough to take care of this little problem. The man might as well have a target on his back.

But will Amanda want to play rough now that Jack has proposed and she has the family she’s so desperately wanted all of her life? Will her loyalty to Emily trump her love for her boys, or will she leave Emily hanging out to dry, for the sake of her own skin?

At least it seems like Emily has Aiden back in her court. Last week it appeared like he was working against her; this week they were thick as thieves at Conrad and Victoria’s wedding. And it was Aiden who pointed out something that we’ve all been wondering for a long time: just who is Ashley and what does she really want? Even Emily hadn’t considered that which makes it all the more plausible that Daniel’s squeeze has been up to something since day one.

So, Conrad got framed, but the only person who was really upset about the White Haired Man’s death was Kara; she moped and mourned and managed to totally creep out Victoria, which is no small feat. What is she going to do when she finds out that Conrad got released on bail thanks to the efforts of the mysterious Initiative? I kind of want to see her go nuts. You can just tell it’s simmering under the surface.

Although he may be free now, Conrad owes another giant favor to the Initiative. Last time this happened, an entire plane full of people paid the price, as well as David Clarke in the long run. Whatever they’ve got planned this time promises to be even worse.

In random tidbits, Declan and Charlotte are back together. The bar reopened thanks to the new, rather shady patron. Nolan made it clear to Padma that she hit a hornet’s nest with her inquiries into David Clarke and his comapany, but it seems like the move might have been innocently made. Might have been. I’m not totally convinced she’s not playing an angle we’re not aware of yet.

Let’s give three cheers for Victoria’s amazing wedding gown, by the way. Can’t go wrong with Vera Wang.

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