Dexter Season 7 Review “Do the Wrong Thing” – I’m going to Holiday Adventure!

Dexter Season 7 Review "Do the Wrong Thing"

“I really need to kill someone” – Dexter Morgan

I realize that we’re only at episode six with tonight’s “Do the Wrong Thing”, and that there’s still half of Dexter‘s season 7 to enjoy, but I’m already feeling like there’s too many story lines to resolve! It’s starting to stress me out!

You’ve got Isaak in jail wanting Dexter’s blood, LaGuerta is hot on the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Hannah is proving to be quite the enigmatic temptress. What’s going to happen with all of this craziness?! I don’t know, but if the rest of season seven is as stellar as the first half, I know I’m going to enjoy the ride.

Dexter’s developing relationship with Hannah McKay dominated the episode, which was great for me. Hannah’s character has been pretty underdeveloped until now, so I was glad we finally got Yvonne Strahovski a chance to shine. Dexter starts out fudging the reports of Wayne Randall’s bodies to protect Hannah, and he later goes by her house to give her a copy of the blood report that proves that she’s not in any danger with the authorities. He then finds out that her husband, mentor, and some guy that allegedly molested her in juvie have all died from the same poison. A poison that’s extracted from a flower that just so happens to be growing in her garden! Up until the last scene, it was really pretty tough for me to figure out what Dexter’s end game was here. At first I thought he was just attracted to her, and seemed to be drawn to her for the same reason that he was drawn to Lumen and Rita: She was damaged goods. Then it seemed pretty clear that he wanted to kill her, but then he switches back to just wanting to have sex with her. I wonder if he actually was planning on killing her all the way up until she whispered “Do what you gotta do”. It will be interesting to see how Dexter maintains this relationship with Hannah, as it will be hard to reconcile with his dark passenger that he is now dating a serial killer.

Dexter isn’t the only one that’s interested in Hannah, though. Tonight’s installment introduced us to Sal Price, played by Santiago Cabrera, who most American audiences will recognize as the future-painting Isaac Mendez from Heroes. Sal is a true crimes author who also believes Hannah to be guilty of the murders, and this puts him on Dexter and Deb’s radar. Deb actually ends up going on a date with the guy, but it was hard to tell if she was going out on a date for herself, or if she was just turning on the charm in order to figure out what this guy knows. I’d like to think the former, but Jennifer Carpenter has been so good this season it’s hard to tell.

Deb has been, and continues to be the star of season seven. Her date with Sal was nice, as it’s good to see her smiling and flirty for the first time in what feels like forever, but her scene at her house with Dexter was yet another masterwork for both Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall. Hall has been an Emmy bridesmaid for 5 straight years and still has yet to win the gold, but Jennifer Carpenter hasn’t even been nominated! I’m really hoping that changes this year, as she’s really been superb. Hearing her growl “Get out of my house” to Dexter was wonderful.

Deb also has a great story line going with LaGuerta, as Maria is still looking at the Bay Harbor Butcher case. She brings up Jordan Chase and the barrel girls from back in season five, which was pretty awesome. I did think it’s a bit random to reach back to season five, of all seasons, for an example of high profile people that have gone missing. Why wouldn’t she think of the Assistant DA Miguel Prado going missing in season three, or prolific serial killer Arthur Mitchell going missing in season four? I’d really like Deb to make the connection that Dex and Lumen were the two shadowy figures behind the sheet in the season five finale, and she seemed to come awful close to that revelation tonight. Man, it’s good to have LaGuerta involved in a story line that doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out.

Speaking of clawing my eyes out, it’s Quinn time! After seeing Quinn get a bag of money from George at the Foxhole, he gets advice from a true paragon of virtue and honesty; Nadia the stripper. She advises him to return the money, so he dramatically slams the cash on George’s desk and declares that he’s not for sale! While I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t take the money, he should have known that he would have putting Nadia in a very precarious situation. If the mob isn’t going to pay off a dirty cop, you’d think their next move would be to start threatening his loved ones. George threatened to send Nadia off to be a sex slave in Dubai, and that’s without even finding out that Quinn’s been getting her to spy for him! Quinn ends up stealing Isaak’s blood sample collected from the massacre at the Colombian bar, but I still have a bad feeling that this relationship will not end up well for Nadia, who Quinn still can’t get a hold of.

We got a few scenes from the rest of the minor characters, with Isaak getting an especially awesome scene in jail with one of the Colombian gangsters. Isaak’s a bit neutered with not being able to do anything outside of prison, so I’m hoping he gets out in time to end up on Dexter’s table in the finale.

We also saw Jamie again, as she’s having lunch with her brother Angel. I’m not sure what the writers will do with Jamie, now that both Harrison and Louis have been written off the show, but it looks like they’re just throwing her to the wayside for now.

Speaking of going by the wayside, I’d like to end the review with Batista. Dexter is obviously in it’s seventh season, and it’s looking like season eight may be its last. Seven years is a long time, and I’m impressed that Showtime has managed to keep the same core ensemble on the cast for this whole series, but as the end draws near I think we’re going to start seeing some of our characters get written off. Batista has had his ups and downs on the show, but he’s still an overall likable character, and it would definitely be sad if he does retire and get written off the show. The way LaGuerta is going this season, it’s also entirely possible that she gets written off by ending up on Dexter’s table. Masuka could get fired, transferred, or promoted out of Miami Metro. Oh, and Quinn can get devoured by fire ants for all I care.

Random Thoughts:

– I didn’t think you were allowed to have cell phones in prison. Isaak just whips his out all nonchalantly to call up George like it’s not even a big deal. Is Isaak just that cool that the rules don’t apply to him?

– What did Dexter do about Hannah being in his bedroom before Deb called him? Did he just push her out the door? It would have been nice to see how that little rendezvous concluded.

– Santiago Cabrera coming back on my TV really threw me back to Heroes. Man, that show went downhill so fast!

  • Manipool

    Maybe he’s so big that he’s got that much power in prison, like Al Capone able to get some of the luxuries of living in his cell despite imprisonment. Money and reputation has influence even their.

  • Psand_5991

    He took the cell phone from the colombian guy obvoiusly

    • Anonymous

      1)  That was never actually shown, you’re just assuming that.  2) Then how did the Colombian guy get it?

      • Yes it was shown. You see the phone peeking out of the Colombian guy’s hand, and Isaak looking at it.

        How did Colombian guy get it? You mean, stuff gets smuggled into jails? Who knew?

        Seriously, phones do get smuggled into jails. There was a guy here in Australia who was in a maximum security jail but who still managed to run his drugs empire and order people killed with his phone that someone had smuggled in. It happens.

        • still confused

           I also assumed that Isaak took the phone from the Columbian guy.  I first assumed that the guy had a shiv to stab Isaak with, then realized it was the phone.  HOWEVER, when Isaak made his call, he pushed like two buttons and the phone did a speed-dial to his crony!