The Big Bang Theory Season Six Review “The Extract Obliteration” – Coop and Wheels

Sheldon made a new friend in “The Extract Obliteration,” this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory…a friend who happens to be the smartest man alive. Yes, in what will no doubt comprise an entire chapter of Sheldon’s memoirs, Stephen Hawking agreed to be Sheldon’s Words with Friends buddy, a coup that our favorite geek soon came to regret.

Most shows put iconic people from the real world into cameos that feel forced, fake and ultimately cheesy. TBBT has always risen above this. When they cast an icon to play him or herself, they always give the role an amazing twist. Wil Wheaton becomes evil, Buzz Aldrin becomes obsessed with his moon walk and now Stephen Hawking is revealed to be a very sore loser.

Sheldon, being Sheldon, wanted to show off his word skills to his idol, but when he racked up some serious points with the word ‘extract,’ Hawking stopped playing. Howard, who worked with Hawking last season, informed Sheldon that Hawking can’t stand to be wrong. The only way for Sheldon to win back his affection was for him to throw the game.

I’m actually surprised that he did. I really thought he just wouldn’t be able to do it. Maybe it’s a sign of how he’s changing that he did. Amy certainly would like that. The poor girl gets more and more desperate for her boyfriend’s affections with each passing week.

Meanwhile, Penny was keeping a secret from Leonard. She’s been taking a history class at the community college. The girls encouraged her to tell him, but when she did, Leonard couldn’t help but stick his nose all the way into his girlfriend’s business, even going so far as to write a term paper for her, as the one he read on her computer was apparently as bad as her crunchy spaghetti.

In this case, Penny was right; he should have let her pass or fail on her own. But then she stopped being right when she went straight to the girls and had them write another paper for her, one they intentionally fudged a bit to give her a passing grade, but not a stellar grade. While I’m glad that Penny is being given a little more depth, it’s been really hard to get behind her so far this year.

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