Nikita Season 3 Review “True Believer”

After last week’s adventure with mini-me, Nikita again forces it’s protagonist to face herself this week, in episode three, ‘True Believer’. Discovering a mission still active from the old Division, Nikita vows to save a woman so deep in her terrorist mission that she’s gathered more conviction than those within the agency.

When Nikita realizes how similar Mia is to the old season one Nikita, it stops her in her tracks and makes her doubt everything that’s brought her here. Instead of shutting down Division she’s kept it open, and what she’s seen so far doesn’t come close to proving it was the right move. It gives us a glimpse of some of the operatives who might have thought the same way back when Nikita was rogue, but just didn’t have the stones to go with her. Mia hated what they had made her do just as viciously, and it was her fellow agent’s vow of vengeance that gave her hope for some redemption.

Then again, sympathy for the character is mixed since one of her first actions is to shoot Alex is the shoulder. This makes Ryan, for the second week in a row, order for an extermination rather than extraction. You can read the stress and pressure coming off the guy as he attempts to run Division morally superior yet equally efficient, and he’s making the difficult calls his agents and co-workers aren’t willing to. Is he right? Or will we see the power turn him to the dark side before the end of the season? His scene with Nikita at the end was very sweet, and lifted some of the gloominess from his character.

As the title suggests, this episode is all about the conviction these people have for the cause. Nikita used to believe in taking down Division, but now she’s become a major part of it. In turn, Alex is only staying there because of her ongoing loyalty to Nikita and Sean is only there for Alex. I’d wager that with such a wishy washy mission statement and major issues still being ironed out each week, most of the people left in Division are doubtful about what they’re doing. This is a recipe for disaster, and I don’t believe the new happy family will stay happy for long. There are still 28 rogue agents to capture, after all.

What did you think of the episode? Has Nikita lost the conviction that made her so dangerous in season one? Let us know in the comments.