Hunted Season 1 Review “Hourglass”

Hunted (Cinemax) Episode 3 Hourglass

After a blockbuster-style opening episode, last week’s Hunted lagged a little in the action stakes. This third installment, ‘Hourglass’, steps up to compensate, however, and we’re given an exciting ride with information and teasers to spare.

For starters, the show hasn’t been skimping on random deaths so far, but ‘Hourglass’ delivers more than the previous two episodes put together. Starting with a tense double murder, it’s not long before necks are being snapped and heads are being bashed in all over the place. I don’t have a problem with the gritty violence Hunted has reveled in so far, as the fight scenes are all well choreographed and believable. The trouble is, without likeable character’s to care about, the show only has a hollow and vacant plot to work with.

Not unlike a role-playing video game, we’re encouraged to follow Hunter around on her fact-finding mission but never to expect deep character development or demonstrations of emotion. We do get some further information in this episode, though, with Hunter discovering the mysterious Hourglass organization were behind her assassination attempt. With her current mission keeping her pretty busy, we’re only reintroduced to her desire for vengeance when plot developments are imminent or upon us, but there’s always the recap time she spends before her wall of suspects.

With so many characters being introduced every week, it’s useful to have these moments of reflection, but it’s also a little clumsy when compared to the slick moodiness of the show as a whole. Hunter herself is still too cold to provide any emotional core for the audience to root for, but her co-workers are at least receiving some much needed character development. It’s still hard to remember whose generic spy trait is whose when coming back each week, but it’s still early days and I’d expect we won’t go through future weeks without getting to know and like at least one character.

Hunted is still a little too cold for my taste, but its complexity and action sequences stand up to the best of its genre. The central mystery is slowly being unraveled, and I’m interested to see what the next couple of weeks reveal.