Haven Season 3 Review “Magic Hour (Part 1)”

Haven Season 3 Episode 7 Magic Hour

This season of Haven has wasted little time when it comes to developing the mystery it set up at the start of the season. Of course, as soon as old questions are answered, new questions pop up in their place, but there’s still something extremely satisfying about getting any answers at all. Sure, the truth about who (or what) Audrey Parker is remains the biggest mystery of all, but we’ve been getting some really incredible background on her past lives in this season.

What struck me for the first time in this week’s episode, “Magic Hour (Part 1)” was that the Troubles were not limited to the boundaries of Haven. I suppose I had wrongly assumed that the Troubles only affected people once they were in the local vicinity of Haven and that was part of what made it such a unique little town. All the talk of The Guard’s nationwide relocation efforts paired with what Audrey and Duke discovered during their trip to Colorado made it clear that the Troubles affect (I assume) anyone with a bloodline tied to Haven. There could be people all over the world dealing with the Troubles which gives Audrey’s mystery significantly more weight and urgency.

Duke and Audrey’s trip to Colorado to get more information about her relationship with the Colorado Kid didn’t give Audrey the answers she was hoping for, but it definitely thickened the plot. The Colorado Kid, James, was her own son. A son she never imagined that she had, who was raised by adoptive parents and seemed to live a happy life until his “death” in Haven. When we think back about the Bolt-Gun killer’s words when he told Audrey that she wasn’t the only one who loved the Colorado Kid, it opened up a lot of possibilities about who that Bolt-Gun Killer is and what his relationship was to Audrey. Could he have been the father of Arla Cogan who killed herself after the Colorado Kid died? Could he have been romantically involved with Audrey in one of her past lives and be the father of the child she bore? Or might the Bolt-Gun Killer be tied to Audrey and the Colorado Kid in a much more sinister capacity?

The development between Duke and Audrey was pretty great, although I think that despite their almost-physical fling, Duke remains safely in the friend zone with Audrey. Still, I loved seeing Audrey seem much more relaxed and happy than she has been recently. She’s right about Duke being a really good friend and she may not appreciate enough just how good a friend he has been. Duke tells her that he’d do anything for her, hunt down her past or fight her future, whichever she wants. It’s a pretty selfless thing for Duke to be willing to support Audrey in whatever path she takes knowing full well that most paths lead to Audrey not being with him anymore.

Audrey and Duke didn’t get back from their trip in time to help Nathan with the Trouble he was dealing with this time around. A Troubled woman named Noelle had the ability to sort of absorb the deaths of other people. It was an ability that could absolutely be used for the good of the town, but Noelle’s cruel older sister saw an opportunity to make serious money by manipulating her sister into a bribing scheme that involved killing and resurrecting wealthy townspeople for money.

There have been a few minor hints leading up to the reveal that Tommy had some connection to the Bolt-Gun Killer, but we saw a rather chilling version of him when Nathan discovered the bolt gun in the trunk of his car outside of Noelle and Moira’s cabin. Without a moments hesitation, Tommy shot Nathan point blank in the chest while talking about his custom made bolt gun. It’s still not completely clear that Tommy actually is the Bolt-Gun Killer, but at the very least he’s a cold hearted killer with ties to the Bolt-Gun Killer. Physically, Tommy doesn’t match the build or voice that we saw and heard during Audrey’s kidnapping or in the surveillance videos, but he could be working for a mastermind, or maybe Tommy is actually a shape-shifting Troubled person himself. Tommy happened to show up in Haven right around the same time as Audrey’s kidnapping, but things are never as simple as they seem in Haven, so I’m very curious to see how his story unfolds.

We’re left hanging at the end of the episode with Nathan pretty much dead while Duke and Audrey sit there, helpless and trusting in Tommy’s lies. The only people who could tell Duke and Audrey the real story are Moira and Noelle – assuming Tommy doesn’t get to them first. Noelle had been shot herself, but maybe with Moira’s help, she’ll be able to get back in time to resurrect Nathan and fill in Duke and Audrey about what really happened at the cabin. We’ll just have to wait until the next installment of Haven to find out.