Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Bury The Lede”

Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 5 Bury The Lede

The opening scenes of this week’s Person of Interest tricked viewers into thinking they were in for a run-of-the-mill crooked local government tale. Considering election season is in full swing, this would’ve been a logical choice. Instead, it mixed things up by focusing on the sinister HR via the efforts of a well-intentioned, but misguided reporter obsessed with exposing corruption and the “man in the suit.”

Starting with HR, the head of that group was revealed to be Quinn, a political campaign manager who is sure to cause trouble for Finch and Reese. This wasn’t an obvious choice like the mob boss’s kid, the mayoral candidates, or even Simmons. But, as with Root and Elias, viewers are starting to learn that it’s the ones you don’t expect who end up being the ones to watch out for. It’s unclear if Quinn will be one of many bad guys or the main villain for the season. If he’s the villain, it will be interesting to see if he’s the nemesis of Reese or Finch. Finch saw a lot of action with Root, so it feels like Reese’s turn.

The women of this episode, led by headstrong reporter Maxine, played a dominant role, as Finch faded more into the background. In some ways Maxine was the stereotypical obnoxious reporter, but her character was softened by the remorse she felt after posting her incorrect story and was humanized by her blind date. It would have been hard to believe Maxine couldn’t find a man, until she commented that Reese’s sports car might be overcompensation for something. What a charming first impression.

Unfortunately, Maxine couldn’t hold a candle to Zoe, who showed up again to help save the day.
The chemistry between Zoe and Reese is palpable, and it’s refreshing that he’s drawn to her confidence and self-sufficiency. Could she be a more permanent member of Team Machine? Let’s hope so.

Now about the superhero subtext. We get it. Reese has a secret vigilante identity that he has never bothered to hide when roaming the streets with his camera or shooting people in the knees. In this episode, all of a sudden his secret identity must be protected and could be exposed if Maxine sees him in his suit. The FBI and police seem only tangentially interested in discovering his identity, so the emphasis on the secret here was odd.

If the suit will compromise Reese’s identity, here’s an idea: stop wearing the suit. If Reese insists on wearing a suit, he should explore some other options that would fit his stealthy needs. He could lurk in the shadows in a Run DMC style track suit, jog in place behind the corner of a building in a sweat suit, emerge from a nearby pond in a swimsuit, or protect his unexpected house guest in his birthday suit. All viable options. It’s pretty easy to guess which will bring in more female viewers. There’s nothing quite like Adidas stripes and side-snaps.