New Girl Season 2 Review “Halloween” – Reigning Cats and Dogs

Extending that most festive of holidays with this very belated review, this week’s episode of New Girl, “Halloween,” saw our gal Jess working at a haunted house playing a zombie who was apparently a librarian in its previous life. Or Woody Allen. There were a lot of Woody Allen jokes for people who are supposedly of my generation.

But other than that, the entire episode was adorable. I always love seeing what TV characters choose to wear for Halloween; to break it down, Jess was a zombie, Schmidt was James Bond, CeCe was a goddess, Winston was a cop and Nick was a dude in a weird shirt. I love Nick.

So, Jess has been consistently sleeping with Sam, the guy she stole from some internet dating hopeful awhile back. Although she wanted to keep it physical, as soon as she found out that he wa a pediatrician who had a great rappor with kids…that was it. Jess realized she was falling for her sex buddy. Unfortunately, her sex buddy really did want to keep it casual and was actually dating other women on the side.

When Nick overheard this, he faced his deepest fears and went into Jess’s haunted house in order to tell her, to keep her from getting hurt. But…he got freaked out and ended up accidentally punching her instead. I feel that doesn’t detract from the attempt, though. For what is love if not the sacrifice of your own comfort for the sake of someone else?

Schmidt is still so obviously in love with CeCe and while I sense that the feeling is mutual, CeCe is still dating Robby and he is a geninuely great guy. Of course, Schmidt had to make an effort to break them up, (he wouldn’t be Schmidt if he hadn’t) but eventually he also had to admit that, at least for now, he’s lost his girl to a guy who dresses as a ninja turtle.

And poor Winston. He just wanted a girlfriend who would dress in a sexy costume for him, but he was still with Shelby who not only hasn’t wanted to sleep with him, but dressed as “raining/reigning cats and dogs” by wearing a crown and a royal cape dotted with stuffed animals. She should have gone as a Freudian slip (a slip dress with a picture of Freud pinned to it).

So, sayonara to Shelby. It wasn’t working out anyway and now Winston is a free man. Everyone in the apartment is free now, as Nick’s college friend who came to stay didn’t exactly work out. Nick, it’s not going to work out with anyone until the day you realize that the hottest girl in your world lives down the hall from you. Yes, she makes funny voices and terrible jokes and bakes cookies and always looks on the bright side of life, but her weirdness is a perfect match for yours.

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  • MD

    It took me a long time to figure out that Nick was Bee/Bea Arthur!!

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t figure that out at all – thanks for pointing it out!  I kept trying to figure out why it looked like two words “ART” and “HUR”.  Doh, I was totally off track.  But speaking of Nick, the part where he was in the haunted house and the evil clown was right in his face and Nick was screaming in abject terror was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on television in a long time.  I haven’t laughed so hard since I don’t know when.  It still makes me laugh just thinking about it.  He deserves an Emmy just for that one scene.