Last Man Standing Season 2 Premiere “Voting”

Last Man Standing Season 2 Premiere Voting (1)

Last Man Standing “Voting” season 2 episode 1 airs Friday Nov 2, 2012 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Synopsis: Mike does all he can to persuade first-time voter Mandy to vote for Governor Romney in the upcoming presidential election. But when he lobbies her heavily, he finds himself going up against her older sister, Kristin, and Boyd’s father, Ryan, who are just as enthusiastic for President Obama and disagree with Mike’s trying to influence Mandy. While they all battle for Mandy’s vote and soul, Vanessa remains neutral in the interest of family harmony, on the Season Premiere of “Last Man Standing,” FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 (8:00-8:31 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Show Summary: Tim Allen returns for a second season in “Last Man Standing” as traditional manly man “Mike Baxter,” who continues to be surrounded by forces seeking to complicate and feminize his world – although some of that energy may not always come from women.

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  • Smith

    Glad the show is back. I like the old.Mandy

    • don’t lie the cast changes but also don’t like this new show either…

    • It’s back and now it can go again, i don’t think many will miss, nothing like his first show I realize but now worse than ever you don’t mess with casting after a season.

  • jkocen

    same here.

  • J4gray20

    New chick…sorry but…Boo!! ROMNEY…DOUBLE BOO! Loved this show but now, sorry, you lost me!

  • K9kamper

    What happened to Alexandra Krosney??

  • Paula

    I’m done with the show. Loved it until they had to drag politics into it. I throw out all the political mail – now I need to take a show off my dvr list.

    • thx me too

      • Psychlover1


  • Sa_tirey

    Last Man Standing has been ruined with the replacement of the older daughter and making Mandy two years older than last year.  What is going on?  It was perfect last year.  The actress who took the place of the older daughter is horrible.  First of all, she looks too old for the part.  Second, she just doesn’t fit in.  I am so disappointed.  I don’t know if I will continue to watch it or not.  Last year I recorded every episode to watch again and again over the summer.  I didn’t even bother to finish recording the one tonight. 

    • loved his last show didn’t need recastingthat i know of…sign of a show in trouble…

  • Jjuhasz24

    I dont care much for the new girl. Why is the old one gone? Not big on politics  but I hope next week is better.

  • I HATE the change!!! And I HATE the new girl!!! I really don’t like the new dynamic. I loved the show last year but I find the new girl so annoying that I am not sure whether I am going to watch anymore–and I am smack dab in the middle of the coveted 18-49 demographic. I will probably try another episode but if I come away with the same impression as from this episode I will probably stop watching.

    • it’ll be cancelled we can hope…

  • JavatheHut

    Last season fit perfectly for me. As a 25 year old non-politically entertained, outdoors loving male, this show lacks its previous luster. As the countless reviewers and sites are saying, I too will probably drop the show from my DVR , the new actress portraying the eldest daughter, has a drama persona, certainly NOT comedy, btw it’s supposed to be a family show not a rewind of fox/msnbc/CBS News!!

    • Last season had some hope.   Not this year….

  • JavatheHut

    Last season fit perfectly for me. As a 25 year old non-politically entertained, outdoors loving male, this show lacks its previous luster. As the countless reviewers and sites are saying, I too will probably drop the show from my DVR , the new actress portraying the eldest daughter, has a drama persona, certainly NOT comedy, btw it’s supposed to be a family show not a rewind of fox/msnbc/CBS News!!

  • Mike

    I hated the new format and replacemet for Kristen. Looks like the producer (or someone) felt there was too much empathy for Tim Allen’s character’s libertarian worldview and decided he needed to be made more a buffoon ala Archie Bunker (with Kristin and her ex as the revived Gloria and Meathead). Too bad, another great show has been ruined by Hollywood political activists (they did the same to Boston Legal years back).

    • Yellowbumper

      My wife and I looked forward to the return of  Last Man Standing but we too were very disappointed in the opening episode’s format and dialogue. It was not funny or entertaining.  We already have an overload of political attack ads darkening our lives and this show was annoying and not up to Tim’s standard of entertainment.  Tim is no Archie Bunker – Tim is Tim and I like Tim’s character from last year. The actors attempts to imitate the Bunker family household were unacceptable. There were too many changes in last night’s episode and none of the changes even resembled what made Last Man Standing very successful. If last night’s show is indicative of what to expect in future episodes, we will watch something else. 

      • My thoughts exactly I was around for Archie and Tim just doesn’t fit this type …so far hate his new show.

    • Too much change and no we don’t need another Archie..

  • Anonymous

    The show should have aired a disclaimer at the beginning: Tim Allen, Last Man Standing and the entire ABC network is in the tank for Obama, and f*** everyone who isn’t in the tank for Obama. To the show’s producers, directors and Mr. Allen: go to hell. 

    • It was offensive and boring…

  • Sue Taylor

    What the hell, I thought I was watching a disgusting Obama ad, is he that desperate that now you Hollywood bigwigs, not only back him, but write him into the show, I can overlook actors and actresses getting political, but you might as well just had The View on in this timeslot, I’m done with everything on your network, everything, I cannot believe that even happened last night, I was totally dumbfounded, good bye ABC!

    • As as a democrat i honestly can say I asked myself if he were “pro Obama” would I be offended and  I was happy to reach the conclusion that yes, I would be….it was uncomfortable.

  • Carol

    HATED the new Kristen!!!!! Didn’t like her husband or kid AT ALL. Taking it off my schedule of shows on my DVR…why do they have to make such a BIG UNNECESSARY change to a show that was so good with such a good chemistry of casting. We wish Alexandra Krosney well in her future, and hope that the show’s ratings CRASH AND BURN. 

    • I said too above, did not need a cast change after one year….it will get cancelled unless he has some higher up republican buddies.

  • Ozzie

    After watching all the politics on TV I was looking forward to seeing a good comedy. But, what do I get? More politics. I quit watching and not sure if I will ever watch againg.

    • I really could care less about Tim’s politics athough I do believe he made a few bucks doing Detroit auto commercials, lucky these companies survived or Tim would not have had a job…

    • I really could care less about Tim’s politics athough I do believe he made a few bucks doing Detroit auto commercials, lucky these companies survived or Tim would not have had a job…

  • Rggunn

     I really liked this show last year, will not watch it again, didn’t make it halfway through the premiere

  • mhelmke

    Show was much better last season. Don’t like the new actress who plays the older daughter. 
     Political script was horrible. 

  • Bring back Alexandra Krosney

    hated this ep, new cast is horrible, they clash with the dynamic of the show. Didn’t understand the aging of the characters, Boyd was annoying Ryan is a complete retard and the New Kristen is chubbier, has deeper voice then the other Baxter’s and is to old to still be living at home. 

    • RogueSquadron

      They say Friday is “dead TV” its where they put shows to die, or where dying shows are put. Maybe that’s why they moved it to Friday nights… they knew everyone would hate the Kristen character change and knew it’d flop. Maybe ABC saw the bomb coming so they decided to use the show’s popularity to influence the election? It’s possible, and it’s just wrong. Here is my rant:

      The bf/Boyd’s dad is horrible too. The kid who plays Boyd, like no offense to him, but he’s not even cute.. his head is blocky, I just didn’t get an “Aww, so cute!” feeling you get when you see lil’ kids on tv shows, he’s worse than Teddy in Boardwalk Empire.. and an Abicus??? I mean Comon! I feel that was inserted JUST so Tim could make a budget joke with it..

      Mandy was too depressed and dark. She wasn’t her peppy self at all. This was just horrible. And don’t even get me started on the mom. She was the absolute worst! Very very VERY obnoxious, all she said the whole episode was “oooohhhh you’ll NEVER know!” it was just plain OBNOXIOUS. These new actors had absolutely no chemistry with the others at all. Just a bunch of back and forth jibber-jabbering. Worst of all the shit they said wasn’t even supported by facts, yea sure it’s a 20 minute comedy, but if ABC is going to use their BELOVED TV show as a political platform to influence people on who to vote for, they should at least offer some facts and back them up.

      I absolutely loved this show last season, I even thought it was funnier than Tool Time! Something about Tim with daughters is a lot funnier than him with Boys, there was way more potential for jokes and better storylines (like, Kyle dating one of the daughters and working with him for example, is funny, or Eve wanting to be on the men’s softball league;now even her in the fantasy league. **side note: I find it VERY hard to believe that Mike would not be in the fantasy league… there’s an ongoing feud between Mike and the mom about which of their College’s has a better football team, and he’s a huge fan of the Broncos, so again, I would imagine he’d most definitely be in the Fantasy league. Maybe they should have wrote the episode about that him fighting with Eve over Rodgers or McFadden instead of this political BS).

      This new Kristen just doesn’t fit in, and she’s not even funny, and yes, as someone said, she looks way too old! I liked when the characters were all carefree and picking on one another.. and again, the mom was HORRIBLE this episode, I couldn’t even deal with her! I almost turned it off! (just watched the show today 11/16 so I’m behind). I will watch Eps2 and give it another chance because I totally LOVE this show-last year. Plus I need something to watch Fri at 8 and want to catch up on Malibu too. I really don’t even watch 1/2 hr Comedies, this is the only one and I’m really sad I might have to give it up! 🙁 Tim Allen is still hysterical and one of my all-time favorite comedians. Even with this horrible storyline and writing, he still managed to be funnier than ever!

      PLEASE SAVE THIS SHOW, Bring Back Old Kristen, make Boyd younger, Boy’d dad less of a tool, the mom less stupid, and please please please make Mandy FUNNY again!! Eve, Mike, Kyle and Ed are ok. FIX THIS! Fire those writers, all of them, and rehire new ones, ASAP!

      (I have still to see eps 2 and tonight’s-11/16-episode when I wrote this so I HOPE it’s Improved!!)



  • Chris Greenlight23

    Hate Hate Hate the new girl!!!!!!!! Show has been ruined for me

  • Hunter

    Not funny. I can get a liberal point of view on ANY other sitcom. Don’t like the actress change for the oldest daughter. Mike’s character was funny and sharp last year and now you make him look weak and frankly NOT FUNNY. One more reason to turn the tv off.

  • Bob

    The obvious political bias on the season premiere of Last Man Standing is going to cost ABC viewers of this show, including my family. We greatly enjoyed the first season, but ABC should have left the politics of this 2012 presidential election out of the show. I thought LMS was a family comedy show, but ABC turned it into an extremely unfunny one about a serious time in the history of our beloved America. Pushing a political agenda on this show is hurtful, regardless of the candidate of choice for each voter. It is a shame, and shame on you ABC ! 

    Maybe if ABC publicly apologized for such an immature handling of what was a great show last season, some viewers might reconsider and watch again. 

  • Peter M.

    The new Mandy does’t fit. The politcal slant was totally inappropriate. I was so looking forward to the show returning. After this opening I went to my DVR and canceled the series recording.

  • gmb

    Politics….you lost my view…what a stupid move

  • Rscott52

    Hate that they got into politics. Especially since the entire show seemed more like an Obama Campaign than truthfully showing both sides. If they continue in that vein they will loose me as a viewer

  • Mefive

    where’s the oldest daughter and who’s the boring girl using her name?

  • Deanne Hall

    I Loved the show last year but hated the first episode of this year. I hated the politics and the replacement actors. I was very disappointed! I really don’t care if I watch the show ever again.

  • new kid too?  wow…

  • Fox News and Beliefnet said this was the greatest show on tv (or something BS like that) wow I must be stupid HATED the show. 

  • Fox News and Beliefnet said this was the greatest show on tv (or something BS like that) wow I must be stupid HATED the show. 

  • Onlytxstar

    The new actress to replace the oldest girl is awful. Even if they wante to age the little boy they could have kept the original Kristin. Hope they see everyone’s comments and bring back the original girl.

  • Loretta

    what happened to the old Mandy?

  • Sarwil

    The new girl sucks!! She completely doesn’t fit and ruined the show

  • Cfcaine

    I liked this episode. I don’t see what’s wrong with a little political humor that ends up affirming the importance of family.

  • Honeybobo 666

    Watched the first show of the 2nd season and hated it.  I liked the girl who played the oldest daughter.  Bye Bye!

  • M&P9

    Come on Tim–You’re better than this! The changes this season are against everything that made the show great. And…they WILL be the death of the show. The new actress may or may not be good at her job, but the role it turned into is awful. One of the best things about the show was seeing a loving family that was in synch despite differences in personality. The oldest daughter and her X turn the family into complete animosity. On top of that, you’ve let these jerks (the new writers) horribly decay the “message” part of the show that was based in the webcast. No doubt these new liberal coward writers will be afraid to show a pea shooter or understand the nature of the people who shop at a store like the one on the show or be truly respectful to our brave armed forces. They are incapable of getting it. We thought we had finally found a show we could watch as a family, but it looks like we’ll be removing this from the recordings of the few shows we really enjoyed together.

    Mr Allen–My condolences on the show. Don’t let them turn you into another idiot male stereotype.

  • TV_Princess

    My family is disgusted with the new “Mandy.” WHY, WHY WAS THIS DONE, ABC? I can overlook the politics episode but not the cast change(s). Such a shame!

  • Nick Smith

    I was watching this show on Netflix then all the sudden Alexandra Krosney is gone. WTF, I’m so sad now……..