It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Review “Charlie & Dee Find Love”

Thankfully, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” got its groove back after last week’s patently bizarre (even by “Sunny” standards) Halloween-themed episode. In the self-explanatory “Charlie & Dee Find Love,” the titular twosome got into a wreck in her new car- viewers will recall her car getting trashed last week by a zombie-panicked Charlie- and Dee is about to go medieval on the driver’s ass…until she sees how dreamy he is and falls in love at first sight. Charlie has a similar reaction to his companion, who turns out to be his sister, and the fun begins.

As stated by Dennis, the episode was the gang’s take on “Dangerous Liaisons” (love that Dennis knew that- loved his pronunciation of the French novel’s title even more), or if you prefer- and I know I do- “Cruel Intentions.” (Sarah Michelle Gellar pretty much rules in that movie. ‘Nuff said.) Suspecting that the twosome were playing rich people games with Dee & Charlie, he, Mac & Frank decided to expose them for the frauds that they were, if in fact, they were frauds in the first place. With “Sunny,” you never know which way it’s going to go.

As it turns out, Dennis was half-right. Turns out the male half of the equation had a “Dinner for Schmucks”-type thing going where he & his friends brought in the biggest geeks they could find, with everyone agreeing that he’d won when they got a look at the damning footage of a pseudo-Kung Fu crazy Mac and Dee going at each other. At one point, Dee punched Mac in the crotch…and he punched her right back in the same place! I’m not one to condone violence towards women, but that was funny right there.

Indeed, Dee was far and away the MVP of the ep, with Kaitlin Olson walking off wholesale with most of the biggest laughs of the night. Even funnier than the crotch-punching was her decidedly awful stripper-style “sexy” dance moves to, of all things, “Bad Company,” by the band of the same name. It wasn’t pretty, to say the least, bringing back memories of the show “Sunny” is most often compared to- “Seinfeld”- and Elaine’s similarly groove-less dance moves.

She was also arguably the most quotable of the night, as she spouted out one pricelessly crass proclamation after another. On Indians: “They needed to be exterminated.” On her profuse sweating and prominent pit-stains: “I’ve got bodily functions. I’m sorry.” On an upper-class party: “This is classy as shit, right?” And especially her big seduction line: “How about I free that big fat snake in your pants and uninhibit myself all over it?” Okay, granted, they may not read as funny as they were delivered, but trust me, Olson killed it, and her…I guess you’d call it physicality…was spot-on. Great work all around from her the entire episode.

Meanwhile, there was an amusing subplot involving the waitress Charlie has been in love with the entire series. It seems that his intense stalking and intrusive behavior was actually beneficial to her! Well, to a degree at least, as his obsessive behavior helped to keep certain elements of her life in check, and when Charlie got involved with the rich girl, he stopped doing them, and the waitress’ life promptly went to hell in a hand-basket.

This ultimately led to her asking him to stick around and let him back into her life, which, in the episode’s big twist, turned out to be Charlie’s nefarious plan all along. Granted, it ultimately only led her to reduce the distance of her restraining order against him by a few feet, but I’m guessing Charlie will take what he can get. Pity the “poor little rich slut” though, who actually fell for Charlie (!), leading him to cruelly- if hilariously- dismiss her: “Are you still talking? Go away from me dum-dum. Go run and hide. Go from me!”

I also liked Dennis’ “Bad Influence”-esque big reveal of Mac and rich guy’s oiled-up “wrestling,” and his revelation that: “If you’re in my room, you’re always being filmed.” Almost as creep-tastic and LOL funny as Charlie’s laundry list of stuff he does for the waitress’ “benefit.” And, of course, it’s hilarious that we still have no idea- to the best of my knowledge, at least- what the hell the waitress’ name is in the first place, and apparently no one else does either, as indicated by Dennis not knowing who she was when she kept calling him.

All in all, “Charlie & Dee Find Love” was probably the best episode of the season yet, and the most like classic “Sunny” as well, though the “Trash” episode came close. What did you think? Is Dee the funniest of the bunch, or is another member of the gang your fave? Did you enjoy the spin on “Cruel Intentions,” or did it just make you wish you were watching that instead? Let me know in the comments!

  • Johnmayerlover27

    Dee is funny but by far Dennis is my rachis your in my room your always being filmed made my night! And of course the “wrestling” video!!! It did bother me thought that Charlie actually had sex!!! Wasn’t sex like gross to him!!!

    • Mark Trammell

       Yeah, it seemed like Charlie was really into her! I was almost sort of charmed, but like you said, I remembered how gross he was & was, like, eew. She, on the other hand was super cute. I think she was in that Harry Potter rip-off Percy Jackson & the Order of Lightning or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, this was the best episode of the season so far and probably one of my favorite episodes overall.

  • Anonymous

    Dee’s “bad Company” performance was magnificent. The belching really added that special touch.

  • Anonymoose

    I laughed really hard with this episode. I honestly that the last three episodes were really great. The gang recycles their trash and this episode are one of my favorite all time episodes. I probably like the former more, because it’s basically a nod to The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis and so much more of their past. Honestly, I was worried about the direction the show was heading. I was let down by the past 2 seasons in general, but I’ve been really enjoying this season so much. I feel like they’ve lost a lot of their viewers since the past 1 or 2 seasons, but hopefully they’ll notice the uppage in quality and come back.

    • Mark Trammell

       Yeah, they’re definitely getting progressively better, though the Halloween ep was a bit more weird than funny. Still, they get a pass on that one bc I love horror movies & it was packed with references, plus- love the Reitman. I think maybe the last few seasons suffered bc everyone was off doing different things & the show lost focus as a result. That tends to happen when a show hits…inevitably they start coasting on their past success & it’s hard to get that fire back. I get the feeling they’re really trying again this season, and it shows.