Grimm Season 2 “The Hour Of Death” Review – A New Grimm?

Grimm Season 2 Episode 10 The Hour of Death (6)

Grimm has always had a strong focus of Nick’s history and where his ancestors came from. Tonight, Grimm takes this theme a step further in “The Hour of Death” and shows what happens when one of the “old school” Grimms comes into town.

Nick and Hank investigate the disappearance of a young girl. While questioning a suspect, Nick discovers that he’s a wesen, just as the guy realizes that Nick is a Grimm. A chase ensues and Nick ends up taking the guy down and giving him a pretty decent bruise on his cheek. Once in a questioning room, the wesen has a problem with Nick and even as he’s being released calls Nick out and accuses him of threatening to kill him. To the wesen’s defense, Nick did tell him that he wouldn’t want to cross a person like Nick, but the guy did over react a little bit.

… Or did he?

Knowing the wesen isn’t being entirely truthful about the girl’s disappearance, Nick heads to his house to dose him with a truth serum, but finds the wesen strung up, branded, and murdered. Needless to say this looks pretty bad for Nick, but thank goodness for him Hank believes that he didn’t kill the guy. However, it turns out the wesen was the kidnapper and the killer managed to get a confession out of him before/while he was killing him.

The video goes viral and once it hits the news Monroe and Bud recognize the symbol that was branded on his skin. Monroe explains that it’s the symbol of the ancient Grimms, the race of Nick’s ancestors that wasn’t like him, and killed wesen viciously and without mercy.

Cut to suspect number two in questioning and suddenly escaping out of the police station. Using the security cameras, Nick and Hank realize that it’s Ryan the intern that opened the door to the room, releasing the second wesen from questioning. They then realize that Ryan slightly insane, and rush to find him about to kill Bud because “all wesen must die”.

Ryan is there in complete creepy black cape and mask, and it’s evident that he really loves his job as a Grimm and will stop at nothing to make Nick realize that how he chooses to handle his “job” is wrong. Oh, also? Ryan is totally obsessed with Nick as evidenced by the pictures and newspaper clippings that wallpaper his bedroom.

There is a twist to Ryan’s story, though. Once Nick catches up with him, Ryan reveals himself to be a wesen, but a wesen unlike anything that Nick has ever seen. I’m still unclear if Ryan was a mix of several wesen or what exactly the deal was, but it was the one time during Grimm that a creature scared me. If that thing would have been in the Halloween episode last week, it would have made for one hell of a scary episode.

While Nick is busy hunting down Ryan, Juliette and Renard are getting cozy. So cozy in fact, that Renard lays one on her which causes Juliette to remember him kissing her in the hospital. She freaks slightly (which is expected) and has a “what the hell” moment as she tries to process her new feelings for Renard and how she should explain things to Nick.

There are only two episodes left in 2012 for Grimm, and before the winter hiatus I hope we get to see more of Juliette and Renard! What did you think of tonight’s episode? The idea of another Grimm that hunts differently from Nick is incredibly intriguing to me, and I’d really like to see more along the lines of that story.

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