Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Review “Sunday Best” – Crazy like a fox!

It was Easter Sunday on Boardwalk Empire and viewers watched various characters attempt to form new bonds, mend old ones and bring closure to others.

Much to the teary-eyed delight of Eli’s wife, Nucky, Margaret and the kids joined his brother for dinner and family traditions. Although I believe Eli’s wife and family genuinely missed their Uncle Nucky, Eli used the occasion to try to make amends with his brother and heal the rift created by his failed coup with the Commodore and Jimmy. The day was filled with the usual moments of fun (Nucky juggling, Margaret singing) and awkwardness (Margaret spilling her guts to Eli’s wife about her marital woes).

The scene between Margaret and June was great. I loved the instant bonding between the women and June’s diversion to the pineapple upside down cake in response to Margaret’s confession about her troubled marriage. Her efforts to maintain the propriety of the day did not prevent from her from placing a hand of support on Margaret’s shoulder. Eli may not be my favorite person but his love and devotion to his wife is undeniable. I’m sure that was painful for Margaret to witness and was only exacerbated when Nucky revealed that his brother never stepped out on his wife.

The day seemed to have softened Nucky’s heart as he offered to show Margaret how to juggle when they returned home. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late for the two to take a trip back to happier times. Unable to mend fences with his wife, Nucky gave his brother a call and told him he’d be co-running the warehouse with Mickey from now on. Regardless of how Nucky may feel about his brother, it is not such a bad idea to have someone helping out Mickey.

In easily the most adorable moment of the season, Richard and Tommy set out for Easter dinner with the Sagorsky family. All of that cuteness on the steps of the Sagorsky home between the two was immediately interrupted by Daddy Sagorsky’s brusque table manners. Like any normal child, Tommy becomes curious about his new surroundings and wanders in to Sagorsky’s dead son’s bedroom. Needless to say, dinner was over. Although it wasn’t the perfect dinner gathering, it did lead to some nice bonding between Richard and Julia later. Was anyone else hoping that Gillian would run off with her faux-Jimmy, so that Richard, Julia and Tommy could live in a picture perfect happily ever after? Wishful thinking.

It’s always great to see Richard open up a bit. We even got to see that Richard has a pretty good sense of humor. I loved his response to Sargosky’s question about Tommy being housebroken. And as for Gillian and Gyp’s respective Easter celebrations . . .

Gillian allowed Tommy’s Easter dinner trip with Richard so that she could spend the day alone in the brothel and deal with pains from her “monthly visitor.” Oh Gillian. As soon as Tommy and Richard left, she called over faux-Jimmy for a very special Easter date. The two enjoyed a bit of dinner table sex and “Jimmy” tried to sell Gillian on a cross-country trip funded by the sale of her brothel. Before committing to giving in to any wanderlust, Gillian wanted to give her son new friend a bath. I was as surprised as faux-Jimmy to see Gillian stick a crap load of heroin in his arm. Indeed, that Gillian is crazy like a fox. A little heroin, her son’s dog tags and a full brothel meant Gillian’s problems are solved – for now. She can finally have her son declared dead and get a much needed financial boost as a beneficiary. Poor Roger. I don’t think I’ve ever heard heroin referred to as lovely.

The Rosetti family gathered for Easter dinner as Gyp prepared for his big meeting with Masseria. I actually think the women in Gyp’s family were far scarier than Masseria and his henchmen. Gyp had a bit of explaining to do after the Tabor Heights ambush, which yielded very little money. With most of his team dead and a thin envelope, Rosetti had only one play – convince Masseria that Luciano, Lansky and Rothstein had to go and he was the guy for the job. And with that, Gyp lives to see another day. I can’t imagine it will be a charmed life as there must be some terrible juju mcgumbo for someone that beats a priest and robs a church. Oh, Gyp.

Overall, I thought Sunday Best was a pretty good episode. I really enjoyed how the writers used Easter Sunday as the unifying theme to explore very different experiences across the featured characters. I particularly enjoyed Richard’s interactions with Julia and Tommy. What did you think of Easter Sunday on Boardwalk Empire? Sound off below!