Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Basic Instinct” — Muirfield Come Calling…

Beauty and The Beast (CW) Episode 4 Basic Instinct

In ‘Basic Instinct’, this week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast, the Muirfield project comes a-calling. They want Cat to give up Vincent, and when she refuses, Vincent tries to give himself up. Problem is, Cat isn’t willing to let him give himself up either.

Back at work, Cat investigates an attack on a teenager (found by Vincent in a dumpster). It looks as though the troubled teen might be the victim of his past exploits, but eventually it’s revealed that the disapproving mother of his girlfriend took it upon herself to get him out of her daughter’s life — for her own material gain.

This episode was slightly better in how it integrated Vincent into the main plot and then brought Cat full across into the Muirfield arc. Of course, these were done by making Vincent an even bigger creepy stalker than previously and by writing one of the most annoying scenes to date (see below). This show really does have potential, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s actively being sabotaged. This isn’t Twilight, not everything has to come back to gooey eyes and angsting about whether She finds Him scary. Sheesh. Also, Vincent looked like Lou Ferrigno all Hulked out this week. (In fact, Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk was absolutely terrifying in comparison. Vincent is Hulk-lite. Still, it’s marginally better than last week’s melted-waxwork Kevin Bacon.)

Anyway, the annoying scene I mentioned above: I like how 500 Afghan lives don’t faze Cat, but 1 American life does. Perspective, Cat, you lack it. Vincent and his kind may have been ‘programmed’ to kill the enemy, but it’s unlikely they were told to kill innocents en masse, no matter what nationality they were. It just got worse when Cat spoke to Vincent about the guy behind the bar, who was a civilian. Muirfield-Man (did he have a name?) didn’t say the Afghans weren’t civilians. Writing them off as collateral damage in a war and then getting all uppity about the guy behind the bar? I’m not saying one life isn’t worthwhile, but come on, Cat. You can give a damn about everyone, you know?

The second most annoying scene also involved Cat, this time with Tess: “There is a boy unconscious in the hospital and we’re–” “Multi-tasking. Look, it’s not like there’s a serial killer on the loose.” Given that they had basically no solid information about the case at this point, and therefore didn’t know what they were dealing with, this was just irritating. I wonder what this show would be like if Tess was written as caring as much about her job as she does gossiping and rolling her eyes at the men’s misogyny?

I just can’t figure this show out. Cat is fine with Vincent stalking her all the time. He’s always there! The one time he wasn’t, Muirfield kidnapped her and asked where he was; if they’d come an hour before or half an hour later, they would have found him lurking around behind her! He’s creepy, the guys after him are terrible at their job, and after this week, I’m left wondering a) why someone working for a secretive company who is in cahoots with the US Army has his prints on record and his car registered in his name, and b) won’t Cat have to explain why her gun had been fired? (I know nothing about US police practice — are these things ever checked?)

Anyway, I’ll see you back here next week, dear reader. Then we can ponder yet again how Cat is alright with Vincent stalking her constantly, and how Muirfield manage to be utterly inept. We can also see whether or not Cat’s caved and started shagging Evan, and find out if Tess has figured out how to actually do her job. Oh, the fun we shall have…

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