Survivor Philippines Season 25 Review “Not the Only Actor on the Island”

Survivor Philippines Season 25 Review Not the Only Actor on the Island

Poor Denise! She seems like such a nice lady, but she just can’t seem to stay out of tribal council! Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Philippines, “Not the Only Actor on the Island”, shows her and the defeated Kalabaw return to the tribe after getting rid of Katie last week. After a quick conversation at camp, we get to the big change of the episode: The tribes are merging!

After a boat was sent to Tandang and they were told they were merging and being brought to their new camp, I assumed they were being sent over to the Kalabaw camp. However, Kalabaw was sent their own boat and both tribes made their way to a band new camp site for the merge feast!

I think it was smart to send everybody to a brand new beach where there was no shelter, as it’s always fun seeing a new tribe try to gel as they put together the new structure. It’s also always fun seeing the new dynamics of the two tribes getting thrown together, especially when there’s players like Jeff and Lisa that are trying to keep their fame a secret. Nobody still seems to know who Jeff is, but Penner immediately recognizes Lisa, but promises to keep her secret (for now).

Speaking of Lisa, I really feel like they should make it against Survivor rules to look through other people’s bags. It’s already happened a couple times this season, and it happened again tonight with Lisa accidentally looking through Malcolm’s bag to find his idol. It’s part of the game to try to investigate that player and determine if they have the idol, and rooting through their personal stuff takes that away completely! I realize that Lisa found it accidentally, but you shouldn’t be going through Malcolm’s stuff anyway!

We head into our first individual immunity challenge, and there are two immunity necklaces up for grabs for the winning man and woman. Endurance challenges are never very exciting to watch, but I was glad that this one dynamically changed the weight for each competitor. I’ve always felt that women have a distinct advantage in most endurance challenges, as they have so much less body weight to support.

Well, even though I started this review bemoaning Denise’s bad luck in this game, she finally got her immunity! Carter and Denise won their individual immunity necklaces, and that puts RC and Penner on the chopping block against the new super alliance! It’s always cool when an immunity idol is actually used effectively, as people usually go home with the idol in their pocket or they play them when nobody voted for them, but poor RC was sent home instead! While I am a bit disappointed that I won’t have RC to look at anymore, hopefully Penner can go on the war path next week to avenge her. We’ll find out next week!

Random Thoughts:

– How did they mic Lisa and Penner so well when they were talking in the water? They were 30 yards out from shore and you could hear every word they were saying!

– Artis’ grunts during the immunity challenge sounded like the noise Link makes in the Legend of Zelda videogames. “Hyuk! Hyuk!” The bicep kisses was a nice touch, too.

– Is anybody else surprised that nobody on Dangrayne has recognized Jeff Kent yet? The guy played in the MLB for years!