Supernatural Season 8 Review “Blood Brother” – Benny Has Unfinished Business

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 5 Blood Brother

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Blood Brother,” Dean goes to help an old friend in trouble and Sam relives some of the year that he took off from the life of a hunter.

I have to say that the more we learn about Benny, the more intriguing he becomes as a character. Did I expect him to be a complete monster? No, not really. I didn’t think that Dean would ever learn to trust someone like that, so it stood to reason that there had to be more to Benny’s story than we were getting at first. I did find it interesting though that not even Dean knew about the exact circumstances of Benny’s death and that the reason he gave up a life of live blood was for love. You’d think that would be something they would have already talked about but I guess battling Leviathan in Purgatory doesn’t leave much time for big heart-to-hearts.

By the end of the episode, it looked like Benny and Cas may have learned to at least trust each other a bit more. Whether or not that too turned into a friendship, I don’t know. But if it did, then I’m curious again to see what happened in those final moments before Cas supposedly died (or was left behind, however you want to put it). Was Benny just as upset to leave Cas behind as Dean was in the end?

Sam’s story moved along nicely and as I hoped would happen, I am finally beginning to understand more of how he could leave hunting behind. He and Amelia do seem like kindred spirits, which is something short of a miracle when you think about it. Sam managed to find a non-hunter woman who yet still has abandonment issues and is drifting like him. That’s not something you see every day.

Overall I found this to be a great episode that gave a lot of the information that I’d been hoping for since the premiere. Of course for every bit of new info that we got, there are also a lot more questions to be answered but that’s to be expected.

My favorite bits..

I’m so with Dean, there is definitely a difference between trying to kill Kevin’s mother and trying to kill Crowley wearing Kevin’s mother.

“Last I counted, you took a year off from the job. I need a day.”

Benny’s whistling acting as the soundtrack as he and Dean battled in Purgatory. That was bizarre and wonderful at the same time.

“Concerned. Not stalking…concerned.”

Finding out that Sam named his dog, “Dog.”

Being more than a little troubled by the fact that it’s my blood type that apparently acts like extra go-go juice for vamps.

Cas arguing that he was in no way Benny’s aunt.

“Cas, we’re going to shove your ass back through the eye of that needle if it kills all three of us.”

Sam getting accused of being creepy for (among other things) his sideburns.

Vampirates. That is beyond awesome.

“Was Fabio on the cover of that paperback?”

Dean’s frustration over trying to decide if he should send the text to Sam or not.

“Don’t touch the produce.”

Sam telling Amelia that a motel wasn’t part of the town it was in, or part of anywhere. Wow, that says a lot about his entire life.

Sam completely losing it when he found out where Dean was. I can’t say that I blame him at all.

“Dean, you don’t have any…all of your friends are dead.” – Wow, Sam. Ouch. True, but still.

Dean using Sam on the phone as a distraction for the vamps. Brilliant.

“I wanted someone to remember you by.”

“Dog, don’t bother the.angry lady.”

Sam complimenting a woman on her stitches.

Amelia pointing out all the reasons why Sam was creepy. Yeah well, when you put it like that, it sure does sound a bit creepy.

“But that’s over now. It’s gone. You know what that’s like, don’t you?”

Benny showing his vampire brother all the things he learned to do in Purgatory.

Benny sending his maker to a whole new world.

The look that Dean and Benny shared when Dean had to kill Andrea.

Benny saving Cas, and Dean’s reaction.

Dean shaking off Sam when he threatened to pull his knife on Benny.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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