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Nashville (ABC) Episode 4 We Live in Two Different Worlds (9)
I’m a little shocked that the self-destruction of Juliette happened so quickly, but in this week’s episode of Nashville, “We Live in Two Different Worlds,” the consequences of her sticky fingers hit hard and fast, and she certainly did nothing to help herself get out of the mess. She just made it worse.

After the video of her with the nail polish went viral overnight, all of Juliette’s people urged her to get ahead of the story and to be as honest as possible with the media and her fans, but Juliette was sure nothing could tarnish her star. Then she was cut from the CMA’s and suddenly it was a whole ‘nother ball game and she wanted a chance to clear her name.

But no one expected her to go on Good Morning America and basically tell the world that her fans are to blame for the nail polish because they distracted her before she got to pay for it. Once again Juliette took the low road, blaming everyone else for her actions, and it cost her one big thing. In the wake of her walking out of the interview after GMA dared to bring up her mother, sponsors pulled out and Juliette lost her tour.

Looks like she might have to open for Rayna and be grateful for the opportunity. I feel like everything is heading for that tour, where everyone will be out on the road together, in somewhat cramped quarters, having to deal with each other. I’m so looking forward to that.

But in the meantime, there are still plots being laid down. Scarlett didn’t exactly grow a backbone this week, but she did make it clear to Avery that she wants this recording deal and that she doesn’t want to feel about it. He wasn’t exactly a jerk, more like a sulky little kid, but when compared to the sweetness that is Gunnar, Avery comes up real short. As for Gunnar, he found romance in a one-night stand with Hailey, a producer at the label who will be helping him and Scarlett write their album. I might really like Gunnar and I wonder how long Scarlett can go before she realizes what she could have is a lot better than what she does.

As for Rayna, even though Deacon is on her mind and in her dreams, she is trying so hard to be faithful to her husband and her marriage and her family. She even offered herself as the entertainment at a country club fundraiser knowing she would be singing for a bunch of people who used to look down on her music. But Teddy and Deacon have too much history and animosity between them for Rayna to be a wife to one and a partner to the other at the same time.

Rayna made her choice (Teddy), by firing Deacon, and to all outward appearances it was the right one. But sadly Teddy is nowhere near as faithful to her. We can’t say for certain he had or is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, society wife Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), but they definitely share a secret. Maybe it has something to do with those papers he was burning. Either way, he doesn’t deserve the sacrifices Rayna is making for him. I just hope Rayna catches wind to that before she completely pushes Deacon into Juliette’s damaged life.

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