Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review “Friending Emily” – Sister, Sister

Last week, I praised Law and Order: SVU for its clever allusion to Danny Pino’s previous job on Cold Case. But with this week’s episode, “Friending Emily,” I feel I need to remind the writers that clever jokes are one thing…borrowing entire storylines are another.

No, I’m not talking about the case which I’ll get to in a minute. Amanda’s sister, Kim (Lindsay Pulsipher), showed up at the station, desperate for Amanda to help her get away from her abusive boyfriend. Clearly this has happened before, but Amanda took her in and tried to help her. Of course Kim turned right around and started doing drugs and having sex in her sister’s apartment, all the while accusing her of stealing Kim’s idea to be a cop. Cause she would have made a great one, right?

All of this seemed so familiar and then I realized…Cold Case did almost the exact same thing with Rush’s wild little sister who would pop in and out of her life. Now, I’m not saying its such a unique storyline that SVU couldn’t have stumbed upon it on their own, but if Kim ends up sleeping with Amaro (as Rush’s sister did with Pino’s character), I will have to call foul. I’ll be watching, SVU

As for the case, it was yet another week of child rape and internet pornography. While on a school trip to NYC, an older sister dragged her younger sister to a frat party and then abandoned her to get drunk and have sex. The younger sister was then kidnapped and forced into live-streaming kiddie porn, until the detectives managed to crack the girl recruiting for the pedophile.

Not sure what else to say about that. It was standard SVU fare all the way. Isn’t there something that could be ripped from the headlines? I’m not bored exactly, but I think I might be getting desensitized.

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