CSI Season 13 Review “Play Dead” – How Nick Stokes Got His Groove Back

CSI Season 13 Episode 5 Play Dead (1)
After many weeks of cool, standoffish Nick, he returned to form in “Play Dead,” this week’s episode of CSI, which is to say that he stopped pretending he could ever be detached and cynical and went back to being the dude who bonds with kids and dogs.

Honestly, don’t we prefer him that way? No one wants to see Nick moping…he’s from Texas, for goodness sake! Texans don’t mope; they face their problems head on with a shotgun. I never liked that new, darker twist he was trying to take even though I understood that losing Warrick and then all of the stuff with McKeen damaged something inside of him. Believe me, I appreciated that the writers acknowledged the emotional impact of those events, but quite frankly it’s hard to get me to believe that someone who kept it together after being buried alive and nearly eaten by fire ants would have their back broken by a mere straw like McKeen.

I did have flashbacks during the episode to another dog-related homicide a few years back, but this story was far more touching than “Dog Eat Dog.” Whenever you make an animal into an actual character, you immediately up the ante, especially when the animal has sad puppy eyes. After losing his police partner, Sam the German Shepherd teamed up with Nick to track down and take out his killer. He even took a bullet in the line of duty, but the writers are clearly familiar with the old adage, “Don’t kill the cat,” and Sam lived to fight another day. When he retires, he will go to live with Nick in bachelor pad heaven (although Nick claims to have a girlfriend…guess that could have been who he was talking to on the phone). It was a sweet story, something that CSI desperately needs every now and then.

Meanwhile, Finn and Morgan were faced with something truly terrible, possibly the most gag-worthy thing I’ve ever seen in thirteen years and I’m including the man who died in his bathtub and turned into human soup in that statement.

They had to interview a real housewife of Beverly Hills.

Fortunately she was only on screen for a few painful minutes before the case moved on without her. As for the murder itself, it was fairly routine. A playboy divorce lawyer got shot by a lonely, older neighbor when he rejected her advances. The only thing of note that came out of the story was that Finn has very few professional boundaries. I used to think Catherine was bad about inappropriate conversations in the workplace, but Finn might give her a run for her money.

Morgan didn’t seem to mind all that much though. Who else is she going to talk to about her kiss with Hodges? Certainly not Greg, although it appears he’s once again fallen off her radar. Finn seems to support the pairing (what are we calling them by the way? Modges? Horgan?), but then I think she’d support anyone trying to get laid. She’s like a perky blond cheerleader for inter-office dating.

Where was she ten years ago when Sara needed her?!

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