Adult Swim Acquires ‘Community’ Creator Dan Harmon’s ‘Rick And Morty’

The Adult Swim network has added ‘Community’ creator Dan Harmon’s new animated series Rick and Morty to their entertaining slate for next year. Confirmed by TV Line, Harmon’s new comedy vehicle was developed by the former Sarah Silverman scribe and writer Justin Roiland (The Most Extraordinary Space Investigation). ‘Ricky and Morty’ follows the adventures of a brilliant inventor and his not so bright grandson.

No longer the showrunner of ‘Community’ after departing the series this past summer, Dan Harmon’s credits include the TV series short ‘Daryl’, the 2007 small screen production of ‘Acceptable TV’, ‘Computerman’, ‘Monster House’, ‘The Bu’, ‘Laser Fart’, ‘Time Belt’ and more. Harmon is also hard at work on new comedy vehicles for both the Fox network and CBS.

Adult Swim has picked up ten episodes of ‘Ricky and Morty’ with plans to launch the new series on their network in 2013. Tell us what you think Harmon fans. Are you ready to see what the notorious creator has come up with this time around? Weigh in below on the new animated series ‘Rick and Morty’.