Vegas (CBS) Season 1 Review “Solid Citizens”

Vegas (CBS) Episode 5 Solid Citizens'

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Vegas is probably my new favorite show of this season. The characters’ layers are slowly being revealed, and the inevitable confrontation between the White Hat and the Black Hat is on a slow boil.

A few thoughts on “Solid Citizens”:

The case of the week was the kidnapping of a gaming commission member’s nine-year-old son. Ralph and Co. initially thought that Savino may have had something to do with it, but during the course of the investigation they discovered that the commissioner’s brother-in-law had actually arranged the kidnapping. Some rather unsavory people paid him a bribe to fast track their gaming licenses, and when he couldn’t deliver, they were planning to kill him. He came up with the scheme to pay them their bribe money back. Needless to say, nothing worked out the way they planned. The little boy was returned safe and sound to his parents, all but one of the kidnappers ended up dead and the brother-in-law got arrested.

Ralph (with significant help from Dixon and Katherine) now knows about the field where Savino has been burying the bodies. He all but told Savino he knew. Vince, of course, played it cool because that’s what he does. I really like the dynamics between Ralph and Vince. Both of them are men of power but at the same time they’re subject to forces outside of their control. Vince to his boss in Chicago; Ralph to the changing politics of Vegas. I think both of them enjoy their encounters because it’s pure. There’s no grey area with them.

Ralph wasn’t Savino’s only problem in this episode. His wife Laurie came to Vegas. This is the first time that we met her, and one thing that was readily apparent was how distant Vince and Laurie’s relationship is. Vince had been promising her for years that he was going to quit the mob and go straight, but of course he never did. It obviously disappointed her a great deal that he didn’t keep his promise, but yet she still stays with Vince. I’m not entirely sure what to make of Laurie. On the one hand, she claims to disapprove of Vince’s choice of profession. She doesn’t really want to move to Vegas and she doesn’t want to see what he really does. But on the other hand, by the end of the episode she’s not only agreed to move to Vegas; but she wants Vince to tell her everything. I’m not sure what she’s up to just yet, but hopefully we’ll see soon.

But Laurie wasn’t the only one who showed up in Vegas. A very creepy hitman from Milwaukee came looking for the guy Vince had killed last week. Vince played it cool when the hitman came to see him, but he was actually very nervous. He knew that if Milwaukee discovered that Vince had one of their boys killed, it was going to be an all out war between Milwaukee and Chicago. So, he had his boys make it look like Dead Milwaukee Gangster had just skipped town. The hitman bought it, so Vince managed to avert a war; at least for now. But I’m not sure how long that skipped town story is going to hold.

The relationship between Ralph and Jack got revealed a bit more this week. Jack raised Dixon while Ralph was in the army, but Ralph pretty much dismisses Jack’s contributions. It’s a difficult situation. Technically, Ralph is right. For better or for worse, he’s Dixon’s father. But just because a person didn’t contribute to the DNA of a person doesn’t mean that they can’t be a father figure. Especially if the actual father isn’t always in the picture. Jack was obviously hurt by how Ralph just dismissed him, but he let it ride for now.

So what did y’all think of this week’s Vegas? Sound off in the comments.