Underemployed Season 1 Review “The Roommate”

With the troubles of work left in the background again this week, we concentrate of the relationships at the center of Underemployed in third episode, ‘The Roommate’. Some friendships hit breaking point while others get really, really weird, but they all come back together in the end.

The main thread running through this episode is the awkward living situation between Lou, Miles and Raviva, as two try to raise a baby while the other sows his wild oats. While having a baby while still living with your college roommate isn’t exactly normal, it’s an understandable situation when one friend’s lifestyle outgrows the others’. The upset caused by Miles deciding to move out is quite sad, and exactly the tone I’ve been wanting from the show, but I really wish Raviva would do something other than complain about the others. With Miles deciding to get a place with Daphne, we might also be seeing that relationship blossom.

Meanwhile, Sofia is diving headfirst into her relationship with her new ‘girlfriend’, but is resisting all of the labels that come along with it. After a negative and slightly offensive reaction to the news from her co-worker, Sofia decides she should sleep with at least one man before defining her sexuality. She chooses Miles, the resident single guy about town, and the two get into a hugely awkward situation before backing out. I wonder where this storyline is going to go, since watching a stable relationship is boring, but I wouldn’t like to see the writers sabotage her happiness in search of a more controversial storyline.

Daphne is still the only one concentrating on work, but has to resist the urge to continue in her relationship with her superior. It bugs me a little that the show hasn’t been focused more on the working lives of these characters, since without that focus it’s just another Friends-style relationship dramedy we’ve seen a hundred times since. At least some of the troubles in Daphne’s life are work-related with her boss informing her that, should she continue down the path she’s on now, the other women in the company will make sure she doesn’t progress any further in her job. It’s realistic and not a storyline we see every day.

What did you think of the episode? Does the show need to focus more on work and less on the bedroom? Let us know in the comments.